Mary was born in Shepherdstown, VA. She married first Thomas Morris (?-1814) who was reputedly killed in the War of 1812, during the battle of Washington DC in August of 1814, though some DAR records* indicated that he died in 1817.. She is reputed to have then married someone by the name of McAulrath, though documentation for this is very limited, being confined to unsourced notes in my fathers personal files. There are no entries for "McAlurath" or "McAulrath" in the census records for any year, so if there was a marriage around this time, it was probably to a person bearing a variant of something like "McIlreath".

Mary eventually married Frederick Lewis Goldizen, for which marriage there are adequate confirming records. This marriage is reputed to have occurred in 1824. However, there are a number of children who appear in later census records with DOB's in the period of 1814 to 1823. This may indicate that a) the marriage to Frederlick Lewis occurred earlier than is generally accepted, b) that Thomas Morris did not die as early as 1814, c) that these are children of Frederick Lewis by a previous marriage, or finally, d) these are the children by the McAulrath marriage.


DOB: 15 Sept 1793 Based on Cemetery transcription; See extended note 1
DOD: 12-28 1883 age 90 years, 3 months, 16 days See extended note 1
POD: Palmyra, Warren Co, IA
Burial: Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, IA See exended note 1.
Spouse 1: Thomas Morris
DOM: before 1819 Mary's youngest child is commonly given as 1819. Thomas Morris is identified as her husband in 1819 land transactions, and so is presumed to have married Mary prior to 1819
POM: Indiana
Spouse 2: Frederick Lewis Goldizen (1783-c1840)
DOM: 1824 The marriage date is commonly given as 1824; direct evidence for ths has not been found
POM: Indiana
Father: Caleb Levick (1755-1817)
Extended Note 1 From an unknown source, a typewritten sheet in my fathers papers, probably a page of a letter which he photocopied from an original in a library, dated 12/20/65. "I read off three adjacent stones in the Palmyra Cemetery:
  • Mary Goldizer died 12-29-1883, aged 90 years, 3 months, 16 days
  • John Morris died 10-23-1899, age 88 years, 8 months, 14 days
  • Elizabeth, wife, died 7-22-1885, age 69 years, 9 months, 8 days.

Mary is presumed to be mary Goldizen, John is her son by Thomas Morris, and Elizabeth is presumed to be John's wife.


Child List[]

Children of Mary Levick (1793-1883) by Thomas Morris (?-?) Edit This List
John Morris (1811-1899) 9 Feb 1811 "Banks of the Potomac River" 23 Oct 1899 Palmyra, Warren Co, IA Elizabeth Whipple (1815-1885) 28 March 1839 DOB/DOD based on cemetery transcription, Palmyra Cem. Palmyra, Warren Co IA (see notes for Mary Levick in Vita. Obituary in The Indianola herald of 2 Nov 1899 gives biography, DOM, spouses full name, and identifies children
UnNamed? "Biographical and Historical records of Iowa" (no date, no author, photocopy in papers of TLW
Children of Mary Levick (1793-1883) by McAulrath Edit This List
Lavina Goldizen 6 Oct 1816 OH 19 Oct 1897 Parke Co, IN John Wannamaugher 6 Oct 1839 ? See Extended Note (1)
Mahala Goldizen 14 Oct 1819 OH 7 Apr 1895 See Extended Note (1)
Enoch Goldizen May 1821 12 Feb 1852 Parke Co, IN Martha J See Extended Note (1)
Margaret Goldizen 1822 VA Jesse Falls See Extended Note (1)
Children of Mary Levick (1793-1883) by Frederick Lewis Goldizen (1783-c1840) Edit This List
William Goldizen 1825
Omer Goldizen 4 Jun 1827 Parke, Indiana, Eliza Ann Rory

Ama Marie Goldizen (1827-1890) 3 May 1829 Parke, Indiana 19 Jul 1889 Robert Taylor (1824-1874) Given name sometimes listed as "Amy Mary"

Joseph Goldizen 1831 Eliza A Fellers (1828-1900)
Extended Notes:(1) Land grant records show that at the time Rachel Levick Ayers applied for a land grant based on her husbands service in the Revolution, Mary was married to Thomas Morris. After Thomas' death Mary married Frederick Lewis Goldizen. The DOM for this marriage is often given as 1824, though a source for this date is not known. However, accepting the 1824 date means that the first several children of Mary were by her first husband, Thomas Morris. More research on this point is needed.

Family History[]


U.S. 1850 Census Records

Year 1850 House # 708 Commentary
State IN Family # 708 Mayr's age is not legible. She is shown adjacent to soninlaw Robert Taylor
County Parke Enumeration Date 12 Sept 1850
TownshipDistr 85 Link to Ancestry Image

Name Age YOB Occupation POB
Mary Goldizen not legible - - VA
William Goldizen 25 1825 Farmer MD
Homer Goldizen 23 1827 Farmer MD

U.S. 1860 Census Records

Year 1860 House # Commentary
State IA Family # Mary Levick appears in household of son Omer; The move to Iowa appears to have occurred about 1856, based on childrens POB
County Warren Enumeration Date 15 Jun 1860
Township Palmyra Link to Ancestry Image

Name Age YOB Occupation POB
Omer Goldizen 33 Farmer IN
Eliza Ann Goldizen 33 IN
Angelina Rany 10 IN
Winfield Goldizen 7 IN
John Goldizen 5 IN
Sarah E. Goldizen 3 IA
Mary E. Goldizen 2 IA
Eliza Goldizen 4/12 IA
Mary Goldizen 65 VA

U.S. 1870 Census Record

Year 1870 House # Commentary
State IA Family # 44 Mary again appears in household of son Omer

County Warren Enumeration Date 28 June 1870
Township Palmyra Link to Ancestry Image
Name Age YOB Occupation POB

U.S. 1880 Census Record

Year 1880 House # Commentary
State IA Family #
County Warren Enumeration Date
Township Palmyra Link to Ancestry Image
Name Age YOB Occupation Immigration Year POB Fathers POB Mothers POB



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