Mary McQuiston (1795-1854)
Mary McQuiston
Sex: Female
Birth: 1795
Northern Ireland
Death: 1854
Father: John McQuiston (1767-1841)
Mother: Barbara Simpson Arthurs (1769-1837)
Siblings: Joseph McQuiston (c1790-?)
Jane McQuiston (c1792-?)
William McQuiston (c1794-?)
John McQuiston II (c1798-?)
Margaret McQuiston (c1800-?)
Nancy McQuiston (c1802-?)
Sarah McQuiston (c1804-?)
Barbara McQuiston (c1806-?)
James McQuiston (c1806-?)
Elizabeth McQuiston (c1808-?)
Thomas McQuiston (c1810-?)
Spouse/Partner: James Borland (1792-aft1850)
Children: ? Borland (bet1825&1830-bet1840&1850)
Nancy Borland (bet1825&1830-?)
Samuel Borland (c1829-bet1860&1870)
Mary Jane Borland (1832-1910)
James Borland II (1835-1903)
Simpson Arthur Borland (1836-1910)
Joseph Borland (c1843-bet1860&1870)

Mary McQuiston is the first generation of her family born in America. Her parents John McQuiston and Barabara Arthurs immigrated from Northern Ireland to Pennsylvania. No further information is available at this time regarding her ancestors.

Marriage to James Borland[]

Mary married James Borland, son of Samuel Borland and Lydia Gregg. James and Mary had 7 children.