Matthew James Everingham was born 1769 in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England, United Kingdom to William Robert Everingham (bef1769) and Alice (bef1769) and died 25 December 1817 Hawkesbury, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes. He married Elizabeth Rhymes (c1774-1841) 13 March 1791 St Johns in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.

Early Life

In July 1784 Matthew Everingham was sentenced to transportation to Australia as a convict for stealing two books. He arrived with the First Fleet on January 26, 1788, on the Scarborough.


In 1795, Matthew Everingham became one of the first Europeans to set foot on Mt. Wilson in the Blue Mountains, along with William Reid and John Ramsey. He wrote:

Southward is a level champagne to the westward of the country is rocky and barren without a single tree standing for many miles, but had a most picturesque and romantic view, the sun shining on the rocks. They appeared to the beholder like towns and castles in ruins - I wish'd much to go over and explore that barren track of land but our provisions grew very short and were obliged to bend our thoughts towards home.

Windsor and Richmond Gazette, Friday 29 November 1929, by George G Reeve

To attempt to, in ever so small a degree, set out in a bare outline the pioneering achievements or ramification of details in Australia of the work of the Everinghams is of itself a herculean task and one that is of more than ordinary interest, judging by the more than academic interest created by the much-talked-of alleged Everingham Millions.

Yet, the second, third and fourth generations of the first branch of male descent from the pioneer, who came by the Scarborough (1788) and who married Miss Eli zabeth Rhymes at Parramatta on March 13, 1791, when he was about 22 years of age, are really the heirs at law under the old English law. All the Everinghams have rendered pioneering service to the State, and all with whom I have come in contact are strong men physically, and splendid type of Australians. Matthew, the second, and Matthew the third, were big men— the very fact that each of them lived to a great age clarifies this statement.

The Everinghams, as pioneers, are to be found all over this vast Continent, and it has been stated that all bearing the historic name are descended from the pioneer and his wife (nee Rhymes). 'The writer is quite prepared to believe this, for the reason that it would be too difficult a. task to look for the proof ' of otherwise. Mr. Charles Bertie, of Sydney, once wrote that the real founders of Australia were the folks who came by the First Fleet, and some versifiers, notably Mr,. Randolph Bedford; M.L.A., of Queensland, has also sung their praises in this rare verses, 'The Ship's 'of Shame.' Only one copy of this famous work is known to exist, and it is insured for £50. The book is at present in a safe at the Assurance Deposit Company's office in Brisbane. The writer, however, is acquainted with the tribute verses 'Ships of Shame’ through reading them when the set originally appeared in Bedford's 'Clarion,' published in Melbourne about the year 1894.


Offspring of Matthew James Everingham and Elizabeth Rhymes (c1774-1841)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mary Everingham (1791-1792)
Sarah Elizabeth Everingham (1793-1874) 7 June 1793 Rydalmere, New South Wales, Australia 29 March 1874 Mangrove Creek, New South Wales, Australia Richard Woodbury (c1781-1867)
Matthew James Everingham (1795-1884) 10 May 1795 Field of Mars, New South Wales, Australia 22 November 1884 "Knight's Retreat", Sackville, New South Wales, Australia Ann Chaseling (1802-1863)
Isabella Haradine (1805-1868)
William Everingham (1797-1859) 8 August 1797 Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia 6 September 1859 Pitt Town, New South Wales, Australia Jane Chaseling (1804-1847)
Frances Dunn (c1804-1872)
George Everingham (1799-1881) 9 December 1799 Field of Mars, New South Wales, Australia 15 April 1881 Maclean, New South Wales, Australia Keturah Stubbs (1804-1880)
Ann Everingham (1802-1849) 7 November 1802 Hawkesbury, New South Wales 19 March 1849 Lower Portland Head, New South Wales John Chaseling (1799-1876)
Elizabeth Everingham (1805-1879) 18 June 1805 Sackville Reach, New South Wales, Australia 18 September 1879 Sackville Reach, New South Wales, Australia Charles Butler (1794-1826)
John Harman (1795)
Joseph Ladd (c1796-1862)
George Bowd (c1794-1866)
John Rymes Everingham (1806-1806)
James Everingham (1809-1895) 25 December 1809 Lower Portland Head, New South Wales, Australia 25 July 1895 Leichhardt, New South Wales, Australia Cologne Goddard (c1819-1858)
Lavinia Maria Musgrove (1829-1924)
Maria Maud Everingham (1811-1835) 6 August 1811 Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia 24 February 1835 Sackville, New South Wales, Australia James Cotten (c1791-1848)
John Everingham (1814-1875) 20 July 1814 Lower Portland Head, New South Wales, Australia 29 May 1875 Windsor, New South Wales, Australia Mildred Saunders (?-?)

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