Maud de Nerford was born circa 1292 in Skeyton, Norfolk, England to William de Nerford (1249-1302) and Pernel de Vaux (1261-1326) and died 1345 Sussex, England of unspecified causes.

Edward's father was John de Warenne (1286-1347), 7th Earl of Surrey and Sussex. John was married at age 20 to Joan de Bar (age 10), the niece of King Edward II, who was only half his age. This turned into a disastrous union and John had many notable mistresses.

Having no issue by his wife, he had for that, or some other reason, conceived a dislike to her, and had cohabited with one Maud de Nerford, the daughter of a Norfolk knight, who bore him children, and for this, probably at the instigation of his wife, the church took congnizance of him, In the British Museum, is a M. S. containing abstracts from the registers of the archbishops of Canterbury, at Lambeth, in which is the following : The clergy of Kent, &c. comend the cause of the countisse -- The clargy of Norffolk write to the noble and brave erl of Surrey and Sussex, discommending his disordinate life in keepinge Dame Mawde de Nereforde against the lawe of God, and the ordre of holy church, puttinge from him his deare wife. The earl finding that he could not have both a wife and concubine, was determined, if he could, to be without the former, and therefore, partly on the pretence of a prior contract made with this Maud de Nerford, and partly because Joan de Barr and he were too nearly related.





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