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Meginhard III von Reichersbeuern was born on an unknown date to Arnold an der Mangfall (-1030) and Irmgard and died 1066 of unspecified causes. Charlemagne (747-814).


Offspring of Meginhard III von Reichersbeuern and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Arnold III. von Dießen (c1050-c1096) 1050 1096 Gisela von Schweinfurt (?-?)
Adelheid von Sulzbach (?-c1090)
Konrad II. von Reichersbeuern (?-1095) 1095
Hemma von Reichersbeuern (?-?) Walther I. von Chling (?-?)
Meginhard V. von Gilching (?-c1075) 1075
Touta von Reichersbeuern (?-?)

Note that sons Arnold, Konrad and Meginhard may also have been sons of Berthold II. von Dießen (?-aft1060), a second cousin of Meginhard. Note that there may have been an additional daughter, Bertha. Note that grandson Friedrich Rocho may have been a son.


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