Meyrick ap Llewelyn was born circa 1480 in Wales to Llewelyn ap Heylin (c1455-) and died 1538 Wales of unspecified causes. He married Angharad verch Roland (c1480-) 1500 JL in Wales.

Meyrick Surname Fixed

At the coronation of Henry VIII of England (1491-1547) in 1509, it was decreed that all men should bear their father's present name unto perpetuity, quite a major change for the families of Wales.

Marriage and Family

  1. Richard ap Meyrick (1503-)
  2. Roland ap Meyrick (1505-1565)
  3. William ap Meyrick (c1508-)
  4. Ovain ap Meyrick (c1510-)
  5. John ap Meyrick (c1513-1538)
  6. Edmund ap Meyrick (c1515-)
  7. Reynault ap Meyrick (c1516-)


Offspring of Meyrick ap Llewelyn and Angharad verch Roland (c1480-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Richard ap Meyrick (1503-) 1503 Bodorgan, Anglesey, Wales 9999 Wales
Roland ap Meyrick (1505-1565)
William ap Meyrick (c1508-)
Ovain ap Meyrick (c1510-)
John ap Meyrick (c1513-1538) 1513 Wales 1538 Wales Sage verch Griffith (1521-1554)
Edmund ap Meyrick (c1515-)
Reynault ap Meyrick (c1516-)


Offspring of Llewelyn ap Heylin (c1455-) and Angharad verch William
Name Birth Death Joined with
Meyrick ap Llewelyn (c1480-1538) 1480 Wales 1538 Wales Angharad verch Roland (c1480-)


Meyrick Family Links

This person is a member of the Meyrick Family of Bodorgan Manor which has been prominent family of Royal Welsh blood since the 6th Century. The family resided at Bodorgan Manor in Bodorgan, Isle of Anglesey, Wales and a lineal descendants of both the soverign Prince of Wales of the Welsh Royal family and from King Edward I, eldest son, the first Prince of Wales of the English Royal family.


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