Mikhail Andreyevich of Suzdal was born 1245 to Andrei II Yaroslavich of Vladimir (c1222-1264) and Ustyniya Daniilovna of Halych (c1232-c1279) and died 1305 of unspecified causes. Alfred the Great (849-899)/s, Charlemagne (747-814)/s, Rollo of Normandy (860-932)/s.

Mikhail Andreyevich (about 1250-1305) - Prince of Suzdal (1279-1305), the second of the three sons of the Andrei Yaroslavich, Grand Prince of Vladimir.

First ruled on his father's estate in Gorodets Volzhsky, and according to the Nikon Chronicle, in 1279, after the death of his older brother Yuri, he moved to Suzdal. In 1304, after the death of Andrei Aleksandrovich, his cousin, Mikhail Andreevich went to the Horde, where he received the Suzdal suburbs. Being at the Horde, he married a Tatar princess. In the same year he died. He died childless, and his heritage passed to his brother, Vasi1i).



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