Mikhail Ivanovich of Starodub (Михаил Иванович, князь Стародубский), Prince of Starodub (Vladimir), was born circa 1235 to Ivan Vsevolodovich of Starodub (1197-1247) and Nomen nescio and died circa 1281 of unspecified causes.

There are few data on the life of Mikhail Ivanovich of Starodub. A first reference lists him among the mourners at the interment of Vasili of Kostroma in January 1277.

He is then mentioned as participating in the fight of Aleksandr Nevsky's sons Dmitri Aleksandrovich of Pereyaslavl and Andrei of Gorodets when the latter did not accept his older brother's claim to the Grand Principality of Vladimir, siding with Andrei. He took part in Andrei's march on Pereyaslavl-Zalessky in a campaign in which he earned the reputation of excessive cruelty, which was acceptable neither to Andrei, neither to his Tatar allies. He seems to have died during this campaign.



Offspring of Mikhail Ivanovich of Starodub (Михаил Иванович, князь Стародубский) and Nomen nescio
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ivan Kalistrat Mikhailovich of Starodub (1250-1315) 1250 1315


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Ivan Vsevolodovich of Starodub (1197-1247)

Mikhail Ivanovich
Born: 1235 Died: 1281
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Ivan Vsevolodovich
Prince of Starodub (Vladimir)
Succeeded by
Ivan Mikhailovich