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Mikail Vsevolodovich of Pronsk, Prince of Pronsk, was born 1185 to Vsevolod Glebovich of Pronsk (c1160-1207) and died 20 July 1217 Isady, Spassk Rayon, Ryazan Oblast, Russia of unspecified causes. He married Vera-Olena Vsevolodovna (c1190-c1250) . Alfred the Great (849-899)/s, Charlemagne (747-814)/s.

1207 - 1217 intermittently Predecessor Vsevolod Glebovich Successor "Cur" Mikhailovich

Father Vsevolod Glebovich Mikhail Vsevolodovich (c1185-Isady 20 July 1217) - Prince of Pronsk (1207-1217 with interruptions), the son of Vsevolod Glebovich, revived after the death of his father.

In 1207, after the invasion of the Grand Principality of Ryazan, Vsevolod Yuryevich left Pronsk for Chernigov and the defense of Pronsk was led by his cousin Izyaslav Vladimirovich. Izyaslav was defeated and Oleg Vladimirovich was installed as Prince of Pronsk [1]. During the winter of 1208/1209, Mikhail Vsevolodovich and Izyaslav invaded the Grand Principality of Vladimir-Suzdal, but were defeated in the environs of Moscow by Yuri Vsevolodovich, Grand Princes of Vladimir-Suzdal. On 20 July 20, 1217 Izyaslav was killed by his brothers Gleb Vladimirovich and Konstantin Vladimirovich at the princely Council of Isady (1217) .

Family and children

Michael married Vera Olena Vsevolodovna the daughter of Grand Prince of Chernigov Vsevolod IV Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c1157-1212)Vsevolod Svyatoslavich of Kiev. The Hypation Chronicle mentions his son (Mikhailovich), who brought news of the Mongol invasion of Vladimir in 1237 (and died during the invasion).




Offspring of Mikail Vsevolodovich of Pronsk and Vera-Olena Vsevolodovna (c1190-c1250)
Name Birth Death Joined with
NN Mikhailovich of Pronsk (c1210-1238)



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