Relationship between rulers past, present and future[]

RulerTitlePeriodRelation to Albert IIRelation to predecessor
Charles the BoldLord of the United Netherlands1467-1477TDB-
Mary of BurgundyDame of the United Netherlands1477-1482TBDdaughter
Philip the FairLord of the United Netherlands1482-1506TBDson
Charles VLord of the United Netherlands1506-1555TBDson
Philip IILord of the United Netherlands1556-1598TBDson
Isabella of SpainDame of the Spanish Netherlands1598-1621TBDdaughter
Philip IVLord of the Spanish Netherlands1621-1648TBDnephew
Charles IILord of the Spanish Netherlands1665-1700TBDson
Philip VLord of the Spanish Netherlands1700-1713TBDgrand-nephew
CharlesLord of the Austrian Netherlands1713-1740TBDsecond cousin once removed
Maria TheresiaDame of the Austrian Netherlands1740-1780TBDdaughter
Joseph IILord of the Austrian Netherlands1780-1790TBDson
Leopold IILord of the Austrian Netherlands1790-1792TBDbrother
Francis IILord of the Austrian Netherlands1792-1795TBDson
NapoleonEmperor of France1795-1815TBDTBD
Willem IKing of the United Netherlands1815-1831second cousin six times removedTBD
Leopold IKing of the Belgians1831-1865great-great-grandunclesixth cousin once removed
Leopold IIKing of the Belgians1865-1909great-granduncleson
Albert IKing of the Belgians1909-1934grandfathernephew
Leopold IIIKing of the Belgians1934-1951fatherson
BaudouinKing of the Belgians1951-1993brotherson
Albert IIKing of the Belgians1993--brother

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