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Moretti family crest. The symbols are the sun and moon meant to symbolize work and on top the two Star of Davids symbolize to live for God.

Meaning: Italian word Moretto meaning dark hair and the Yiddish word Mordeven Zich meaning worker
Variant(s): Morretti
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The Moretti surname is a Jewish Italian name. It is derived from the Italian word Moretto meaning dark hair and the Yiddish word Mordeven Zich meaning worker (or in some cases overwork). The name originated in the 1500s by Jewish immigrants to Italy who wanted to fit in to the brand new culture they were entering. While choosing a surname, they took Italian words and combined them with yiddish or traditional Jewish words or names. In this particular case, the words combined were supposed to mean dark skinned worker, but the Jewish immigrants did not have a full understanding of Italian at the time and the Italian word that makes up part of the name actually translates to dark haired, a simple mistake made by a lack of knowledge of the Italian language. When both the Yiddish and Italian words are put together to form Moretti it translates dark haired worker Some of these names are: Mordoue, Mordoy, Moret, Morita, Moritt, Moriyada, Moriyadi, Morretti (Moretti), etc. During this time period, the enlightenment was spreading through Italy and Europe and many of the jews in Italy were converted. Even though many Jews were converted, their names carry down the ties to Judaism that were once prevalent among a group of people. To this day Genealogists can find the ties to Judaism through many names including Moretti.

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