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The site of Mount Pisgah is now marked by a nine-acre (3.6 ha) Mount Pisgah Cemetery State Preserve, which contains exhibits, historical markers, and a reconstructed log cabin. However, little remains from the 19th century except a cemetery memorializing the 300 to 800 emigrants who died while passing through or residing in the community.


Many of those interned in this region are listed on Mount Pisgah Monument.

The community had been beset by illness. Many Saints, in their weakened condition following months of rigorous travel, died while at Mount Pisgah (Iowa). Although estimates vary, at least 80 people died within their first year of residence. The cemetery at the top of the hill likely includes the graves of about 150 Latter-day Saints, although only 63 names are listed on the monument. William Huntington, the community’s first branch president, is among those buried there, as is Joseph Knight, a close associate and early supporter of Joseph Smith. Children were particularly vulnerable. The infant children of two future Apostles were laid to rest in the cemetery: Leonora Charlotte Snow, six-month-old daughter of Lorenzo and Charlotte Squires Snow, and Isaac Phineas Richards, son of Franklin D. and Jane Snyder Richards, who died the same day he was born. While friends and family continued to mourn their loved ones, most people forgot the cemetery as Latter-day Saints abandoned the wagon road across Iowa in favor of other routes.

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