Mstislav Mihailovich of Karachev, Prince of Karachev, was born 1220 to Mikhail Vsevolodovich of Chernigov (c1185-1246) and died 1280 of unspecified causes.

Marriage and children

The name of Mstislav's wife is unknown. If the identification of Mstislav with Mikhail from the Lyubetskii synodic is correct, Zotov made it, then her name could have been Yelena could have called her [14] . According to pedigrees, Mstislav had 4 sons:

  • Titus Mstislavich (died after 1310), Prince of Kozelsky
  • Svyatoslav Mstislavich (died 1310), Prince of Karachev
  • Panteleimon Mstislavich , prince of Karachev or Zvenigorod. Known only by genealogy. His son Vasily Panteleimonovich killed his uncle Andrian in 1339.
  • Andrei (Andrian) Mstislavich (died 1339), prince of Zvenigorod and Kozelsky


Offspring of Mstislav Mihailovich of Karachev and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Titus Mstislavich of Karachev (c1250-c1312) 1250 1312
Svyatoslav Mstislavich (c1252-1310)
Panteleimon Mstislavich (c1255-c1300)
Andrei Mstislavich (c1260-c1320)



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