Mstislav Svyatoslavich of Kursk was born 1188 to Svyatoslav Olgovich of Rylsk (1167-1196) and Evdokia and died 1241 of unspecified causes.

Mstislav Svyatoslavich of Rylsk (? - 1241) - Prince of Rylsk (after 1191 -1241), the son of Svyatoslav Olgovich, a participant in the Polovtsian campaign in 1185 and one of the heroes of The Tale of Igor's Campaign .

Mstislav Svyatoslavich rules the Principality of Rylsk after his father's death. It can be assumed that Mstislav, along with his elder brother Oleg Svyatoslavich of Kursk (c1185-c1230) and other Princes of Chernigov and Princes of Novgorod-Seversky, took part in the Battle of the Kalka River (1223). In 1241, after the Mongol invasion of the Principality of Chernigov and before Batu Khan's return from the campaign to Central Europe, was killed by the Mongols [1] under unknown circumstances.

Marriage and children

Nothing is known about Mstislav's wife.

He had two sons :




Offspring of Mstislav Svyatoslavich of Kursk and Nomen nescio
Name Birth Death Joined with
Andrei Mstislavich of Rylsk (c1220-c1245) 1220 1245
Oleg Mstislavich of Rylsk (c1226-c1285)


Offspring of Svyatoslav Olgovich of Rylsk (1167-1196) and Evdokia
Name Birth Death Joined with
Oleg Svyatoslavich of Kursk (c1185-c1230) 1185 1230 Nomen nescio
Mstislav Svyatoslavich of Rylsk (c1188-1241) 1188 1241 Nomen nescio


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