Mstislav Vsevolodovich of Goroden was born 1124 to Vsevolodko Davydovich of Goroden (c1080-1142) and Agafiya Vladimirovna of Kiev (c1097-1144) and died 1183 of unspecified causes.

Mstislav Vsevolodovich of Goroden was the youngest of the three sons of prince Vsevolodko of Goroden and Agafia Vladimirovna , daughter of Vladimir Monomakh.. It is likely that it was Mstislav, along with his elder brother Gleb , who was referring to in 1167, when, after the death of the Kiev prince Rostislav Mstislavich, the prince of Volyn, Mstislav Izyaslavich , who claimed to the Kiev table, appealed to the Vsevolodkovichi with a call for help. In 1168, Mstislav participated in the campaign of the Prince of Kiev, Mstislav, who had by that time gone on a campaign against the Polovtsy [1]..

In the beginning of 1170 Mstislav Izyaslavich appealed to Vsevolodkovichi with an appeal to help repulse Kiev from Gleb Yuryevich , who was planted there by his brother, Vladimir Prince Andrey Yurievich Bogolyubsky , who seized Kiev. But after Mstislav Izyaslavich captured Kiev in February-March 1170, he concluded a series only with one Vsevolodovich - with Mstislav. It is likely that by that time Gleb had already died, after which Mstislav inherited Gorodnensky destiny. Under the assumption of AV Nazarenko, Mstislav prevented to go to help Mstislav Izyaslavich's brother's illness, which ended in death [1].

In 1183 Mstislav participated in the All-Russian campaign against the Polovtsians [1].

It is not known whether Mstislav was married and whether he had children. In 1173, the Smolensk Rostislavichi princes of Smolensk refused to recognize the suzerainty of Andrei Bogolyubsky, capturing Kiev. In response, Bogolyubsky appealed for the help of various princes, among which the prince of Goroden. Probably, during Mstislav's rule of the orincipality of Goroden there was at least another adult member of the family, but it is unclear whose he was Mstislav Vsevolodovich's son [1].


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