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Nancy A Brown (1776-1864)Louisville, Kentucky, United StatesMitchell, Indiana, United StatesMarcus Brown (1751-1820)Stephanie Hughes (1754-1836)John Lewis Critchlow (1766-1830)
Nancy Ann Brown (1871-1935)Grundy County, Tennessee, United StatesTracy City, Grundy County, Tennessee, United StatesRussell Lassiter Brown (1842-1932)Elizabeth Tate (1846-1887)William Carroll Parsons (1858-1926)
Nancy Brodie Brown (1915-1993)Weabonga, New South Wales, AustraliaAdelaide, South Australia, AustraliaJohn Stuart Noel Brown (1885-1951)Ida May Wightman (1885-1961)Peter Davies (1909-1955)
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