Neol Messerly jr.
Sex: Male
Birth: 03/28/1919
Death: 06/20/2003
Burial: Fort Benning Post Cemetery [1]
Father: Neol Messerly (c1890)
Mother: May Lory (c1890)
Spouse/Partner: Martha M Messerly (c1922)

Major Neol Messerly jr.

Career Army officer. Served in World War II, stationed in Germany 1955, and served in Korea. Retired as Major. Buried at Fort Benning, Georgia.

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Unknown if Neol and Martha had children. Possibly not. Note in 1955 Neol returns from Frankfurt on Western airlines, accompanied only by Wife Martha M.[2] The only messerly's in the public record for Georgia are around Augusta (far from Columbus), but their ages would fit potential children of Neol and Martha. Possibly living.


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  2. ^ Passenger Manifest Seaboard and Western Airlines for flight W-11 arriving New York from Frankfurt on Feb 27, 1955. Capt. Neol age 35 is 186 lbs, wife Martha age 32 is 124, PP#97970. 4 bags total weight 96 lbs.