Newport most commonly refers to

Newport or New Port may also refer to:


  • Newport Aquarium, an aquarium in Newport, Kentucky
  • Newport Parish Church, former name of St. Luke's Church (Smithfield, Virginia), a historical church in Isle of Wight County, Virginia
  • Newport Tower (Jersey City), the third tallest building in Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Newport Tower (Rhode Island), round stone tower located in Touro Park in Newport, Rhode Island
  • Rock Island Swing Bridge, also known as the Newport Rail Bridge, an old swing bridge spanning the Mississippi River in Minnesota
  • Shrewsbury and Newport Canal, a former canal in Shropshire awaiting restoration

UK Parliament constituencies[]

  • Newport (Monmouthshire) (UK Parliament constituency), split in 1983 into:
    • Newport East (UK Parliament constituency)
    • Newport West (UK Parliament constituency)
  • Newport (Cornwall) (UK Parliament constituency), disenfranchised in 1832
  • Newport (Isle of Wight) (UK Parliament constituency), abolished in 1885
  • Newport (Shropshire) (UK Parliament constituency), abolished in 1918

National Assembly for Wales constituencies[]

  • Newport East (Assembly constituency), first established in 1999
  • Newport West (Assembly constituency), also first established in 1999


  • Christopher Newport University
  • Janus University, formerly known as Newport University
  • Newport Girls High School
  • University of Wales, Newport


  • New Port City, fictional megacities where Ghost in the Shell and Dominion, two manga series by Masamune Shirow, are mostly set
  • Newport, fictional city on the west coast of North America in The Longest Journey and Dreamfall
  • New Port, a fictional city where superheroes have been outlawed by its criminal ruler, Bomb Queen, in the Image Comics universe
  • Newport, California, where the popular TV series The O.C. takes place (loosely based on the non-fictional Orange County, California city of Newport Beach)


  • Newport Folk Festival, sometimes referred to as simply Newport
  • Newport Jazz Festival, also referred to sometimes as simply Newport, especially in the titles of some recordings from the festival
  • "Newport Living" (song), by the American power pop band Cute Is What We Aim For
  • Newport Music Hall, music venue located at 1722 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio


  • Alex Newport, a Grammy-nominated record producer, mixer and engineer, based in New York City
  • Andrew Newport, 17th-century English Tory politician, courtier and royalist
  • Andrew Newport (died 1611), English politician
  • Christopher Newport, late 16th-century English seaman and privateer
  • Elissa L. Newport, professor of neurology at Georgetown University
  • Sister Esther Newport (1901–1986), American painter, sculptor and art educator who founded the Catholic Art Association
  • Francis Newport (fl.1559), English politician
  • Francis Newport (died 1623), English politician
  • Francis Newport, 1st Earl of Bradford, late 17th-century English soldier, courtier and Whig politician
  • George Newport, 19th-century English entomologist
  • George Newport (cricketer), played first-class cricket for Somerset in 1902 and 1904
  • Henry Newport, 3rd Earl of Bradford (1683–1734), 18th-century English peer and Whig politician
  • Phil Newport, former English cricketer
  • Richard Newport (bishop) (died 1318), English Bishop of London
  • Richard Newport (died 1570), MP for Shropshire
  • Richard Newport, 1st Baron Newport (1587–1651), English peer, MP for Shropshire in 1614, 1624–1629 and for Shrewsbury
  • Richard Newport, 2nd Earl of Bradford (1644–1723), English peer and MP for Shropshire 1670–1685 and 1689–1698
  • Richard Newport (MP) (1685–1716), English MP for (Much) Wenlock and son of the 2nd Earl of Bradford
  • Richard Spicer alias Newport, MP for Portsmouth (UK Parliament constituency)
  • Stephen Newport, former Australian rules footballer
  • Thomas Newport, 1st Baron Torrington (c. 1655 – 1719), English MP for Ludlow, Winchelse, (Much) Wenlock and Teller of the Exchequer
  • Thomas Newport, 4th Earl of Bradford (c. 1696 – 1762), English peer
  • Newport, a slave and later freed servant to Ezra Stiles




  • Newport, Quebec, in Le Haut-Saint-François Regional County Municipality
  • Newport, Chandler, Quebec
  • Newport, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Newport Corner, Nova Scotia
  • Newport Landing, Nova Scotia
  • Newport Station, Nova Scotia


Low Countries[]

  • Nieuwpoort (disambiguation)
    • Nieuwpoort, Belgium, a city and municipality in Belgium
    • Nieuwpoort, South Holland, a city in the Netherlands

New Zealand[]

  • Opua, originally named Newport


  • Newport City, Metro Manila, a district of Pasay


  • Nowy Port (New Port), a district of Gdańsk

United Kingdom[]

  • Newport, Cornwall
  • Newport, East Riding of Yorkshire
  • Newport, Essex
  • Newport, Gloucestershire
  • Newport, Isle of Wight
  • Newport, Shropshire
    • Newport Rural District, Shropshire
  • Newport Pagnell
  • Newport-on-Tay
  • Newport, Caithness, a small hamlet on eastern shoreline of Caithness

United States[]

  • Newport, Arkansas
  • Newport, California
  • Newport Beach, California
    • Newport Coast, Newport Beach, California
  • Newport, Delaware
  • Newport, Florida (disambiguation)
  • Newport, Illinois
  • Newport, Indiana
  • Fountain City, Indiana, originally named "Newport"
  • Newport, Kentucky
  • Newport, Maine
  • Newport, Charles County, Maryland
  • Newport, Michigan
  • Newport, Minnesota
  • Newport, Missouri
  • Newport, Nebraska
  • Newport, New Hampshire
  • Newport, New Jersey (disambiguation)
  • Newport, New York (disambiguation)
  • Newport, North Carolina
  • Newport, Ohio (disambiguation)
  • Newport, Oregon
  • Newport, Pennsylvania
  • Newport Creek, a tributary of the Susquehanna River in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
  • Newport, Rhode Island
  • Newport County, Rhode Island
  • Newport, South Carolina
  • Newport, Tennessee
  • Newport, Texas
  • Newport (city), Vermont
  • Newport (town), Vermont
  • Newport, Virginia (disambiguation)
  • Newport News, Virginia
  • Newport, Washington
  • Newport, West Virginia
  • Newport, Wisconsin


  • Newport County A.F.C.
  • Newport RFC
  • Newport Gwent Dragons
  • Newport HSOB RFC
  • Newport Saracens RFC
  • Newport Wasps
  • Newport International Sports Village
  • Newport Centre
  • Newport (Salop) Rugby Union Football Club
  • Shropshire Star Newport Nocturne


  • Newport Transport, bus services
  • Newport station (disambiguation), railway and bus stations


  • USS Newport (LST-1179), a U.S. navy tank landing ship in commission from 1969 to 1992
  • USS Newport News, more than one U.S. navy ship
  • HMS Newport, more than one Royal Navy ship
  • Newport 20, an American sailboat design
  • Newport 30, an American sailboat design
  • Newport 31, an American sailboat design
  • Newport 33, an American sailboat design

Other uses[]

  • Camp Newport, a Salvation Army camp in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
  • Chrysler Newport, a vehicle manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation from 1961-1981
  • Newport (cigarette), cigarette brand produced by the Lorillard Tobacco Company
  • The Newport Rising, the last large-scale armed rebellion against authority in mainland Britain, in 1839
  • Newport Show, an agricultural show in Shropshire, England
  • Newport Television, a media conglomerate
  • Newport 1665, a cheese made in Newport, Shropshire
  • Nieuport, French airplane manufacturer

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