Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.medieval is a public Google usenet group devoted to medieval genealogy (from about the year 500 up to about 1600).

Genealogical postings starting in January 1996 have averaged over 1,000 per month. Email subscribers can use the "digest" option, which sends postings in batches of up to 25, each batch including a link to each thread mentioned and the full texts. As would be expected from Google, there are search options.

As is NOT expected from Google, URLs posted to the group cut off a final parenthesis (not obvious from the preview), so anyone posting a Familypedia page URL there should check it as soon as possible after posting and may need to create a redirect here such as Francus der West-Franken (57BC-aft1BC.

From June 2010, a fair proportion of the postings concern individuals listed in The Henry Project.

Members who have also contributed to Familypedia[]

User:Wjhonson, Marianne Dillow, User:Jim LaLone, User:Robin Patterson, User:Sjostrom

As our quantity and quality increases, we may hope to gain more adherents from that group.

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