Newton Jones Kendall was born after 1851 to Levi Goddard Kendall (1827-1906) and Abigail Barrell (1830-1867) and died before 1867 of unspecified causes.


Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • The only information we have is an inscription in the Sudbury, Mass., graveyard, reading "Newton Jones, son of Levi G. and Abbie Kendall, AEt. 15 mo's." This is associated in the publication with an inscription recording Abbie's death in Vincennes, so perhaps Newton died at about the same time as Abbie.
  • <<Citation ^^last=Greenlaw ^^first=Lucy Hall ^^year=1907 ^^title=Inscriptions at Sudbury, Mass. ^^journal=New England Historical and Genealogical Register ^^volume=61 ^^pages=14-25>>

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