Nicholas Medforth-Mills was born 4 January 1989 in Meyrin, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland to Robin Leslie Medforth-Mills (1942-2002) and Elena a României (1950-) . He married Alina Maria Binder (1988-) 30 September 2018 in Sinaia, Prahova County, Romania. Johan Willem Friso van Nassau-Dietz (1687-1711)/s, Willem van Oranje (1533-1584)/s.

Nicholas Medforth-Mills had an illegitimate daughter, born from a short relationship with Nicoleta Cîrjan (1986-)-. The child, born on 9 February 2016 in Brașov and named Iris Anna, was not recognized by the former prince. The birth of an illegitimate child lead to his exclusion of Nicholas from the royal succession. On 27 May 2019, Nicholas confirmed via a Facebook post that paternity tests had confirmed the illegitimate daughter is his, and that he had assumed legal responsibility for her.

Nicholas became engaged to Alina Maria Binder (1988-), a Romanian journalist and television news presenter, on 29 July 2017 in Cornwall. They married civilly in Henley-on-Thames on 6 October 2017.On 30 September 2018 the couple married religiously at Saint Elijah Church in Sinaia, and the wedding reception took place at Sinaia Casino.

Their daughter Maria-Alexandra was born on 7 November 2020 at Institute for Mother and Child Alfred Rusescu - Polizu in Bucharest and was baptised at Curtea de Argeș Cathedral on 23 January 2021.


Offspring of Nicholas Medforth-Mills and Nicoleta Cîrjan (1986-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Iris Anna Cîrjan (2016-) 9 February 2016 Brașov, Brașov County, Romania

Offspring of Nicholas Medforth-Mills and Alina Maria Binder (1988-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Maria-Alexandra Medforth-Mills (2020-) 7 September 2020 Bucharest, Romania


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