Nicolae Docan was born 10 November 1814 in Bârlad, Vaslui County, Romania to Panaite Docan (c1765-1821) and Zoița Cuza (c1790-1821) and died 16 April 1866 Iași, Iași County, Romania of unspecified causes.

In 1834, Nicolae Docan left for Paris with a group of other Moldavian teenagers, among which his cousin Alexandru Ioan Cuza and Vasile Alecsandri. In 1835 he passed his bacalaureat exam and then continued his studies in Paris.

After his return to Iași Nicolae Docan had the responsibility of vornic.

In 1858 he was elected representative of the owners of the Ismail County. His credentials could not be verified by the electoral commission due to insufficient documentation, the final decision on the validity of his election being left to the Assembly who after additional verification accepted the election as being consistent with the electoral rules.[1]

Nicolae Socan was one of the members of the delegation (the other two members being General Ioan Emanoil Florescu and Alecu Balș) sent by Alexandru Ioan Cuza to Tsar Alexander II of Russia in the summer of 1861, to gain his support for the unification of the Romanian Principalities [2]


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Offspring of Nicolae Docan and Smaranda Rolla (c1830-c1900)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Maria Docan (1849-1911) 11 July 1849 28 October 1911 Gâdinți, Neamț County, Moldavia, Romania Lupu Bogdan (1843-1890)
Pulcheria Docan (1853-c1870)
Nicolae Docan (1855-1936)


Offspring of Panaite Docan (c1765-1821) and Zoița Cuza (c1790-1821)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Gheorghe Docan (1809-1857) 5 January 1809 Bârlad, Vaslui County, Romania 18 January 1857 Bârlad, Vaslui County, Romania Sultana Vasiliu-Carida (1816-1900)
Pavel Docan (1811-c1820) 1811 1820
Marghioala Docan (1813-c1870) 1813 1870 Iordache Popa
Nicolae Docan (1814-1866) 10 November 1814 Bârlad, Vaslui County, Romania 16 April 1866 Iași, Iași County, Romania Smaranda Rolla (c1830-c1900)
Catinca Romano (1844-c1920)
Anastasia Docan (1819-1848) 1819 21 January 1848 Iași, Iași County, Romania Alecu Ventura (c1810-c1870)
Panaite Docan (c1820-c1875) 1820 1875 Eufrosina Coroi (c1828-c1890)
Iancu (Ioan) Docan (c1821-1897) 1821 16 February 1897 Dimăcheni, Botoșani County, Moldavia, Romania Elena Dimachi (c1828-1918)


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