Ninean Y. Walker (bef1799-aft1820)
Ninean Y. Walker
Sex: Male
Birth: before 1799
Death: after 1820
Spouse/Partner: Catharine ? (c1794-aft1860)
Marriage: Pennslyvania
Children: Oliver Hazard Perry Walker (c1814-1877)

Ninean Y. Walker (bef1799-aft1820) was a pioneer of Richland County, Ohio.

Early Years[]

Ninean's birthplace and parents are presently unknown. He was married somewhere in Pennsylvania (possibly Washington County), and he moved with his wife to Mansfield, Ohio, sometime between 1814 and 1820.


Ninean married Catharine ? (c1794-aft1860).


The only known child of Ninean and Catharine is Oliver Hazard Perry Walker (c1814-1877). Oliver, born in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, was the only child in the Walker household in the 1820 census of Mansfield, Ohio, and Ninean appears to have died prior to 1830, so any additional children, if they should exist, should have been born in the 1820s. Since neither Ninean nor Catharine can be found in the 1830 census, Catharine is presumably widowed, living with her son Oliver in the household of a relative, probably either in Washington County, Penssylvania, or in Mansfield. By 1840, Catharine reappears in the census of Mansfield, this time living with two girls, one born in the late 1820s and one born in the early 1830s. It is unclear whether they were children of Ninean and Catharine or not. Also, Oliver (then about 26 years old) was no longer living at home. Oliver has not been found elsewhere in the 1840 census, but by 1850, he was married and living in Florence, Washington County, Pennsylvania. It is therefore suspected that Catharine temporarily moved with Oliver back to Pennsylvania prior to 1830, where she had family who could assist her in raising her son.


Catharine appears to have been widowed prior to the 1830 census. In any event, Ninean had definitely died prior to 1840.

Potential Siblings[]

There was a Thomas and Nancy ? Walker that lived in Hanover Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania in the early 1800s. Thomas could potentially have been a sibling of Ninean, although there has been no evidence found upon which to prove or disprove the possible relation.


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