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October 14 is the 287th day of the year (288th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 78 days remaining until the end of the year.




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129 Familypedia people were born on October 14

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Edmond Adair (1814-1895)James Adair (1781-1862)Delilah Eliza Holland (1783-1864)
Ebenezer Averill (1669-1717)William Averill (1626-1691)Hannah Jackson (1646-1727)
Brittany Vanessa Baker (1945-2008)Quincy Baker (1925-1989)Bethany Tiger (1926-1987)
George Theodore Bankston (1854-1942)Levi Harrison Bankston (1816-1900)Sarah Magee (1821-1900)
James Michael Beard (1943-1969)James Arthur Beard (1905-1961)Reva Ann Andrus (1912-2006)
James Bellamy (1836-1914)James Zadock Bellamy (1798-1875)Hannah Singleton (1802-1869)
Louis Bertrand (1850-1916)Léon J. Bertrand (1824-1893)Marie-Aglae Pérrault (1824-1876)
Potter Botting (1787-1852)Henry Botting (1756-1837)Elizabeth Potter (1756-1835)
Harriett Bouverie (1790-1834)Bartholomew Bouverie (1753-1835)Mary Wyndham Arundell (1757-1832)
Klaas Brandsen (1775-1841)Jacob Brandsen (c1738-1808)Neeltje Hardebil (1742-1808)
Horace Ames Brigham (1814-1904)Phineas Brigham (1784-1847)Susan Ames (1791-1852)
John Call (1761-1831)John Call (1739-1821)Lucy Chaffee (1742-1797)
Jane Callahan (1917-1999)George Stevenson Callahan (1882-1957)Virginia Mary Abel (1889-1971)
Kathleen Victoria Calvert (1916-2000)William James Calvert (1885-1970)Elizabeth Jarrett (c1890-)
Elizabeth Ann Campbell (1830-1871)Robert Mackay Campbell (1806-1885)Ann Hassall (1808-1891)
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116 Familypedia people died on October 14

 FatherMotherAge at death
Samuel Alden (1776-1855)Israel Alden (1747-1817)Lucy Thankful Markham (1745-1829)
Cleveland Amory (1917-1998)Robert Amory (1885-1972)Leonore Cobb (1885-1971)
George Frederick Arledge (1863-1936)Jesse E. Arledge (1822-1884)Emily A. Taylor (1833-1883)
Edmund Norwood Bacon (1910-2005)Ellis Williams Bacon (1874-1961)Helen Atkinson Comly (1872-1964)
George J Barrett (1821-1899)John Barrett (1789-1873)Ellen Simpson (1784-1875)78
Lydia Bemis (1760-1808)Edmund Bemis (1720-1810)Eunice Chadwick (1731-1761)
George Berkeley, 1st Earl of Berkeley (c1627-1698)George Berkeley, 8th Baron Berkeley (1601-1658)Elizabeth Stanhope (1604-)
Petronella Boone (1785-1848)Hendrik Boone (c1757-1815)Maria van Vreeden (1759-1840)
Anne Catherine Bowman (1825-1901)William Bowman (1799-1874)Ann Keenan (aft1765-bef1910)
Edward Thompson Breathitt (1924-2003)Edward Thompson Breathitt (1897-1969)Mary Josephine Wallace (1898-1968)
Ruth Brigham (1704-1791)Jonathan Brigham (1674-1768)Mary Fay (1675-1751)
Eveline Elizabeth Brock (1853-1936)Valentine Brock (c1821-1881)Bethany Ginn (c1820-1880)
Mary Ann Butler (1822-1883)Sylvester Butler (c1804-1847)Ann Andrew Elkin (1805-1833)61
Anne de Vere Capell (c1675-1752)Arthur Capell, 1st Earl of Essex (1632-1683)Elizabeth Percy (1636-1717)
Blanche of Anjou (1280-1310)Charles II of Naples (1254-1309)Maria of Hungary (c1257-1325)
... further results

99 Familypedia people were first married on October 14

 FatherMotherJoined with
John Gladding Aldrich (1864-1952)Elisha Smith Aldrich (1836-1905)Anna Elizabeth Gladding (1837-1897)Margaret Putnam Calder (1863-1933)
Anna Annable (1675-1731)Samuel Annable (1646-1678)Mehitable Allyn (1648-1683)John Baker (1672-1763)
Robert John Anthoney (1894-1958)Charles Anthoney (1867-1955)Esther Louisa Long (1871-1946)Eva May Rose (1901-1970)
Eleanor Apps (1815-1854)George Apps (1791-)Sarah Baker (c1794-)James Eggins (1811-1899)
John Baker (1672-1763)Samuel Baker (1631-1714)Fear Robinson (1644-1704)Anna Annable (1675-1731)
Sarah Baker (1641-1709)John Baker (1598-1680)Elizabeth Day (1606-1666)John Gould (1635-1710)
Susanna Barron (1634-1673)Ellis Barron (1600-1676)Grace Barron (1605-1650)Stephen Randall (1628-1708)
Margaret Beech (1616-1664)Robert Beach (1572-1620)Agnes Bowker (1579-1643)William Robinson (1615-1668)
Polly Bemis (1791-1871)Sylvester Bemis (1761-1831)Molley Bemis (1765-1847)Elias Howe (1792-1867)
James Godson Bleak (1829-1918)Thomas Nelson Blake (1806-1844)Mary Godson (1797-1846)Elizabeth Moore (1828-1899) + Caroline Blanche Gosnold (1830-1881) + Jane Percilla Thompson (1845-1942) + Matilda Irene Thompson (1861-1936)
John Blundell (farmer) (-1812)John Blundell (cordwainer) (-1812)Anne Comber (-1779)Mary Rice (1754-1827)
Francis Blunt (1779-1857)John Blunt (1752-)Mary unknown (c1758-1830)Jane Ellis (1789-1845)
Arie Bremer (1875-1933)Johan Bernard Bremer (1847-1918)Anna Bloodshoofd (1858-1925)Maria Hendrika Lobé (1875-1902)+Pietertje Spuij (1871-1958)
Elizabeth Bunker (1607-1684)William Johnson (1607-1677)
Margaret Putnam Calder (1863-1933)Albert Lawton Calder (1825-1899)Martha Ann Howland (1830-1887)John Gladding Aldrich (1864-1952)
... further results