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October 9 is the 282nd day of the year (283rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 83 days remaining until the end of the year.




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84 Familypedia people were born on October 9

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Harriet Marie Parry Adams (1904-1929)John Quincy Adams (1866-1945)Armenia Julia Parry (1862-1947)
John Alden (1731-1793)John Alden (1690-1783)Thankful Parker (1704-1790)
David Barry Allison (1932-)David Burnie (Bunny) Allison (1907-)Alice Beryl Cochrane (1909-1998)
James Arbon (1780-1864)James Arbon (c1755-1796)Hannah Unknown (c1767)
Almon Whiting Babbitt (1812-1856)Ira Babbitt (1790-1867)Nancy Crozier (1789-1859)
Poultney Bigelow (1855-1954)John Bigelow (1817-1911)Jane Tunis Poultney (1829-1889)
William Bligh (1754-1817)Francis Bligh (1721-1780)Jane Balsam (1702-1768)
Jansje Bongaardt (1815-1902)Jacobus BongaardtKaatje Bogaart (c1777-1863)
Johanna Botman (1850-1883)Meindert Jansz Botman (1815-1856)Rigt Kok (1819-1893)
Zerviah Brigham (1698-1736)Jonathan Brigham (1674-1768)Mary Fay (1675-1751)
John Burke (1813-1894)Joseph Burke (1761-1856)
David William Donald Cameron (1966)Ian Donald Cameron (1932-2010)Mary Fleur Mount (1934)
William Richard Carty (1843-1912)Richard Thomas Carty (c1813-1845)Susan McComas (1806-1867)
Knight Cheney (1834-1907)Charles Cheney (1803-1871)Waitstill Shaw (1780-1841)
Oliver Cheney (1722-)Abiel Cheney (1695-1785)Marah Waldo (1696-1787)
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111 Familypedia people died on October 9

 FatherMotherAge at death
Grace Allen (1719-1785)Thomas Allen (1690-1777)Sarah Grande (1688-1723)
Pieter Apekrom (1861-1944)Albert Apekrom (1835-1890)Geertje Wester (1838-)
Otto III. von Brandenburg (1215-1267)Albrecht II. von Brandenburg (c1150-1220)Mechthild von Lausitz (c1185-1255)
Hastings Henry Macleay Baker (1885-1950)Henry Baker (1861-1948)Margaret Ann Ramsay (1864-1928)65
Sarah Bentley (c1780-1869)89
Elizabeth Bessiles (c1475-bef1520)William Bessiles (c1446-1515)Alice Harcourt (c1450-c1526)
Asa Bigelow (1720-1754)John Bigelow (1681-1770)Sarah Bigelow (1681-1754)
May Elizabeth Blackman (c1882-1969)Thomas Robert Blackman (1858-1929)Emily Ann Carlisle (1860-1929)87
James Boxsell (1835-1907)Thomas Boxsell (1799-1875)Mary Ann Puxted (1802-1875)72
Stefan Branković (c1417‑1476)
Stefan Branković (c1417-1476)Đurađ Branković (1377-1456)Irene Kantakouzene (c1400-1457)
Levi Perry Bingham (1832-1903)Lucius Augustus Bingham (1804-1852)Sarah Stone (1805-1849)
Henry Bright (1602-1686)Henry Bright (1566-1615)Mary Ann Woodgate (1560-1618)
Stijntje Luitjes Broer (c1735-1820)Luitje Wiechers BroerGeesje Roelofs Bollen85
William Brooker (1796-1885)Mary Wade (1777-1859)89
... further results

88 Familypedia people were first married on October 9

 FatherMotherJoined with
Abigail Greene Aldrich (1874-1948)Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich (1841-1915)Abby Pierce Truman Chapman (1845-1917)John Davison Rockefeller (1874-1960)
Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich (1841-1915)Anan Evans Aldrich (1807-1892)Abby Ann Burgess (1810-1888)Abigail Pierce Truman Chapman (1845-1917)
Maria Alecsandri (1857-1938)Vasile Alecsandri (1821-1890)Paulina Lucasievici (1840-1921)Dimitrie Catargi (c1852-c1920) + Gheorghe Bogdan (1854-1925) + Gheorghe Bogdan (1854-1925)
Henry Colden Antill (1779-1852)John Antill (1744-1816)Margaret Colden (c1748-1789)Eliza Spencer Wills (1802-1858)
Samuel Porter Ashe (1763-1835)Samuel Swann Ashe (1725-1813)Mary Porter (1730-1765)Elizabeth Haywood Shepperd (1781-1854)
Elisha Atwood (1763-1819)Christopher Atwood (1724-)Susanna Smith (1727-1793)Betsey Ellen Cobb (1765-1851)
Simeon Shipman Avery (1784-1873)Simeon Avery (1759-1803)Sarah Bump (1764-1856)Polly Clark (1789-1846)
John Bagley (1710-1782)John Bagley (1685-1727)Hannah Fowler (1692-1759)Judith Sargent (1716-1813)
Mary Catherine Barrett (1825-1909)John Barrett (1789-1873)Ellen Simpson (1784-1875)Joseph Marceau (1806-1883)
George Blackman (1809-bef1888)James Blackman (1759-1842)Elizabeth Harley (1765-1842)Susannah Raven (1820-1905)
Edmund Boyle, 8th Earl of Cork (1767-1856)Edmund Boyle, 7th Earl of Cork (1742-1798)Anne Courtenay (1741-1785)Isabella Henrietta Poyntz (c1768-1843)
Benjamin Brown (1884-1935)Benjamin Brown (1845-1922)Louisa Jane Goheen (1847-1908)Myrtle Greer (1886-1965)
Francis Brownlow (1860-1941)John Brownlow (1838-1867)Isabella Fraser (1832-1920)Selina Ethel Jane Weavers (1863-1898)
Abigail Pierce Truman Chapman (1845-1917)Francis Morgan Chapman (1807-1886)Lucy Anne Truman (1804-1876)Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich (1841-1915)
Louisa Ann Chaseling (1809-1892)Thomas Chaseling (c1772-1847)Margaret McMahon (c1777-1815)George Turnbull (1806-1885)
... further results