Olava was born 960 and died 995 Veliky Novgorod, Russia of unspecified causes. He married Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015) .

Olava or Allohia (c960-c995) was- the first wife of Grand Princes of Kiev Vladimir Svyatoslavich.


She came from a noble family of Sweden or Norway. Her name was supposedly on Olova, which could just indicate the name of her father Olaf or Olof. According to the Ukrainian researcher Leontiy Voitovich, Olova was the daughter of one of the Varangian princes. The Russian researcher G. Glazyrin, based of the Saga of the Yngvar the Far-Traveled considers that Olova could be the daughter of Erik, the King of Sweden since 975. Alternatively, the Norwegian "Saga of Óláfr Tryggvason" mentions Almology or Aurlonia, which was the wife of King Waldemar (Volodymyr). On this basis, put forward the theory that Olava was some relative of the Norwegian King Olof. In addition, Erik and Olof both came from the Yngling dynasty. In addition, according to the Norwegian sagas, Vladimir Svyatoslavich spent some time at the court of the actual ruler of Norway, Haakon Sigurdsson. According to them, he himself gave Vladimir Svyatoslavich an army. It is therefore assumed that the marriage of a member of the royal Yngling dynasty with a Russian prince was set up in order to eliminate her marriage with a Norwegian nobleman, which would have jeopardized Haakon Sigurdsson's position.

According to a different version in 977 (according to L.Voytovych - in winter 978/979, which is considered more likely), Olova married Vladimir. Subsequently, they arrived in Novogrod. Her further fate of her is not well documented. She became a Christian under unknown circumstances. According to the "Saga of Olof Trigweson," she convinced her husband to abandon paganism. Probably about 990, Olava with her son Vysheslav, moved to Novgorod, where he died.

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