Old Wideman Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina, USA



  • Location: Go north from McCormick on Highway 28 to road S-33-38. Turn right and travel approximately 2 miles to dirt road FAP S-530, old house, "Ivy Gates," on left at this intersection. Follow dirt road, cross creek, then turn sharp right on first main dirt road. Go 1.1 miles. At a logging road on the right at a new clear cut, there will be a tree with a black, spray-painted band on it. Go 85 steps parallel to the dirt road on the logging road. Turn right and walk 150 to 160 steps to cemetery. The trees around the cemetery are marked with blue and pink ribbons and blue paint.
  • Condition: The cemetery is very overgrown with full-sized trees in the midst of the grave markers. Evidence can be seen of approximately 150 to 200 burials in this cemetery. Exact line numbers of graves cannot be determined.
  • General View of Cemetery

Grave List[]

Mil120px.png Grave 1 - John Harris, South Carolina, PVT 1 Regt. S.C., Continental Line, Revolutionary War

Grave 2 - Sacred to the memory of Thomas J. Willis, who departed this life 20 July 1843, Aged 20 years 7 months & 22 days. Cut down in the bloom of youth to bloom in immortal glory. Cherished and loved by all who knew him. Blessed are the dead to die in the Lord.

Mil120px.png 120px-Animated-Flag-South Carolina.gif Grave 3 - Adam Wideman, SC. Pvt. SC Militia, Revolutionary War, 1761 - 1842

Grave 4 - In memory of Lucy Caroline, wife of Adam Wideman, Born March 15, 1812, Died April 27, 1848, Aged 36 years 1 month and 12 days. The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance.

Grave 5 - M.E. McK, 1852

Grave 6 - E.W., 1840, 1 ?

Grave 7 - W.M.W., 1840

Grave 8 - J.H.W., 1832

Grave 9 - F.C.W., 1835

Grave 10 - M.W., 1834

Grave 11 - F A H G

Grave 12 - E.W., 1829

Grave 13 - J.K.W., 1837

Grave 14 - J.L.W., 1846

Grave 15 - In memory of Sarah Ann Cowan, consort of Wade Cowan, Born Febr. 3rd 1818, Died Dec. 10th 1854, Aged 36 years and 10 months, Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints

Grave 16 - W.H., 1844

Grave 17 - J.H., 1850

Grave 18 - In memory of Margaret Cowan, consort of Wade Cowan, Born Sept. 14, 1824, Died Oct. 4, 1852, Aged 28 years & 20 days, Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints


  • Most of the information about this cemetery was copied with permission from McCormick County Cemeteries prepared by the McCormick County Historical Society in 1987, whose members are deeply thanked.
  • Details beyond simple text not as appears on original; comments appear in brackets: [ ]; "?" substituted for unknown letter(s)/word(s)/line(s); not all graves photographed; grave numbers for the convenience of the transcriber and photographer only; photographs taken in 2 July 2001.