Oleg Mstislavich of Rylsk was born 1225 to Mstislav Svyatoslavich of Rylsk (c1188-1241) and died 1285 of unspecified causes.

There are very few informations about Oleg Mstislavich and various historians have come up with various assumptions about his parents. There also are no information about his wife and his children The Laurentian Chronicle tells that Prince Rylsky and Vorgolsky Oleg, together with his relative, Lipetsk Prince Svyatoslav, went to the Golden Horde to the Telebug - Khan, a longtime rival of Khan Nogai, complaining about Basmat Ahmat. The telebug gave Oleg a detachment of Tatars and ordered them to destroy the settlements. In the absence of Akhmat, Oleg ruined the settlements, the Tatars fled, but, at the insistence of Akhmat, Khan Nogai sent a strong army to Kursk with the order: "Take everything!" Three weeks the Tatars devastated the possessions of Oleg and Svyatoslav, captured many people, including the 13 oldest boyars. The fierce Baskas executed the boyars, hanging their corpses in trees, and the severed heads and right hands of the Tatars drove long in villages and cities to intimidate the population.

At the same time, the Russian uprising against Akhmat led to the fact that the khans of the Golden Horde did not dare to send their Baskaks here, but entrusted the collection of tribute to Russian princes.

The restriction of relations between Russia and the West, the forcible, unlimited inclusion of the Russian lands in the world of political relations established in the "nomadic empire" of the Mongols, influenced the internal development of the Russian lands. Under the rule of the Horde khans, the crushing of principalities continued, the khans even encouraged the feuds of the princes. The power of the Horde created serious problems for the Russian society, deformed ugly many state institutions and devices.

At the same time, relations between Russia and the Horde were not only hostile, not only reduced to military confrontation or domination-subordination. The domination of the yoke should not overshadow the gains of Russia, bought, however, at a high price: enhancing the identity of Russian culture, the experience of coexistence with gentiles and foreigners.


Offspring of Mstislav Svyatoslavich of Rylsk (c1188-1241) and Nomen nescio
Name Birth Death Joined with
Andrei Mstislavich of Rylsk (c1220-c1245) 1220 1245
Oleg Mstislavich of Rylsk (c1226-c1285)


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