Ostromir Konstantinovich was born 995 to Konstantin Dobrynich (c965-1022) and died 1057 of unspecified causes.

Ostromir (baptized Joseph) was the posadnik of Veliky Novgorod in 1054 - 1057, the commander and statesman of Ancient Rus .

Ostromir was a relative, close to the grand prince of the Kiev Izyaslav Yaroslavich and in fact his co-ruler, commanding over the Principality of Novgorod, a significant territory of Ancient Rus.

There is no common opinion about what kind of kinship of Ostromir with the ruling princes, . Since the XIX century, a widespread point of view is that he was the grandson of Dobrynya, the son of Konstantin Dobrynich and the father of Vyshata. There is also a hypothesis that his wife Theofana came from the family of Yaroslav the Wise .[1] However, according to the scarcity of the surviving sources, each hypothesis is based on a number of assumptions.

In the first Sofia chronicle, 1054 was mentioned about the "planting" of Ostromir by Izyaslav I Yaroslavich of Kiev in Novgorod and his death in the war against the Chud. However, still N.M. Karamzin drew attention, according to the testimony of the Afterword to the Gospel, ordered by Ostromir (Ostromir Gospel), he was alive in 1057.


By D. Prozorovsky [2] and Shakhmatov (information about their ancestors gave to the authors of the Primary Chronicle Vyshata and Yang Vyshatich)

  1. Malk Lubchanin
    1. Malusha
    2. Dobrynya
      1. Konstantin Dobrynich
        1. Ostromir Konstantinovich (c995-c1057) + Feofana
          1. Vyshata (c1030-c1065)
          2. Putyata Vyshatich
            1. Yan Vyshatich + Maria
              1. Varlaam Pechersky


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Offspring of Ostromir Konstantinovich and Theofana Vladimirovna of Kiev (c990-c1020)
Name Birth Death Joined with



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Offspring of Konstantin Dobrynich (c965-1022) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ostromir Konstantinovich (c995-c1060)


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