Owinyi was born circa 1544 in Uganda to Sigoma (bef1529) and died circa 1571 Nyanza Province, Kenya (Bakangara+Samia) of unspecified causes.


Offspring of Owinyi and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Kisodhi (bef1591) 1591 9999 Nyanza Province, Kenya (Akek+Buhehe+Samia)

King of the Luo in Tekidi, his people were forced out by the Lotuho people and he led them to Pakwac-Pawir.


Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • The genealogy related by Sarah Obama and recorded in Dreams of my Father has names and order of lineage that correspond to historically established figures. Sarah stated that Owiny was a warrior leader who fought Bantu armies and that his son's name was Kisodhi. Ng'ang'a identifies Jaduong Owiny (Owiny the elder) as the warrior leader who led his clan out of Uganda, battling the Bantu speaking Bugwe tribe in Samia, and that his son was Kisodhi. Sarah states that Kisodhi fathered Ogelo, Barack Obama (1961)'s 6th great grandfather. Ng'ang'a mentions Kisodhi's son Owiny Sigoma who took over leadership of the clan, but does not mention Ogelo.
  • Owinyi Rac Koma is assumed to be the Owinyi that Sarah Obama referred to as the warrior leader father of Kidoshi who fought Bantu armies.
  • Assuming Sarah Obama lineage is correct, the father's date of birth would be before 1529 assuming 15 year old minimum date of fatherhood of Rac Koma.
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Ω Birth
  • Ogot mentions birth and death dates and the beginning of the migration but not lineage.
¶ Death
  • See Ng'ang'a chapter 5 for death location.