Pál Kajaly was born circa 1665 to András Kajaly (c1635-c1700) and Judit Gerhard (c1640-c1700) and died 22 January 1741 Ludányhalászi, Nógrád County, Northern Hungary Region, Hungary of unspecified causes. He married Borbála Fáy (c1673-c1740) .

main-hadbiró, k. Kumar, the son of Andrew and Gerhard, count of Novohrad County Adam Forgách, first titoknoka, then until 1684-99 Nógrád County famous witted hontmegyei, notary in 1705 7th centuries; later, under the wing of this Falcon Rakoczy and kanczellára. The Kajaly family died out.

His main work are the first Hungarian general military regulations, published under the title Regulamentum Inclytorum, Confoederati Regni Hungariae Universale Statuum ac Ordinum, tam quam Militarium, ex parte Inclytorum Comitatuum, Regiarum Liberarum item quorumvis, aliorumque ac Observandum Civitatum. . Done at the Onodnál Camp. die Julii, 5. An. 1707. These regulations were commissioned in 1707 by Miklós Bercsényi palatial Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the military Commission, presided over by an audience of Beszterczebányán. Tollvivő főhadi-Kajaly Paul judge was. The thorough and voluminous thesis consists of two separate work; one of the rules of war and the General payment tables included in latin and Hungarian, the Hungarian military laws only to another language. In 1707 the Royal approval. 01. 5. won and immediately edit adatván, under the supervision of Mr Falayi yan bad boy altábornok kinyomatott press 2000 copies in Levoča. Printed copies of this or those intended for the official use of the Prince's own signature pecsétével and erősíté.) Big Magyarórszág: families, Ivan VI, 14. 16. l. Thaly Kálmán műveltségtörténeti studies, literature and the Rákóczi era. Budapest, 1885. 276. l. M. Mari-LIIS, old Library (I) 679. l. (print space is Nagyszombatra correctly exposed.)


Offspring of Pál Kajaly and Borbála Fáy (c1673-c1740)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Klára Kajaly (1690-1741) 1690 18 January 1741 Pál Ráday (1677-1733)



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