Panait Warthiadi was born in Bucharest, Wallachia (now in Romania on March 16, 1846.

He attended the courses of the newly founded School of Officers of the Romanian Principalities from 1859-1864, class of the Unification of the Romanian principalities.

Upon completion of the school he was appointed under-lieutenant in 1864. He was successively promoted lieutenant in 1968, captain in 1871, major in 1877, lieutenant-colonel in 1881 colonel in 1888, brigade general in 1897 and divisional general in 1906.

Besides his military assignments, Panait Warthiadi was also a big landowner, having his estate in Călugăreni, Giurgiu County.

From 1864 to 1877 he worked in the 1 Artillery Regiment of the Romanian Army. During the Romanian War of Independence (Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878) he commanded an artillery battalion and participated in the battles of Opanez, Plevna, Smârdan and Vidin.

After the War of Independence, he was military attaché in Vienna (1884-1885), Commander of the School of Officers (1896-1897), Commander of the Focşani - Nămoloasa - Galaţi fortified region (1897-1900) and Chief of Staff of the Royal Army (1900-1906).

General Panait Warthiadi died in Bucharest on February 7, 1911.

He was awarded several military awards and decorations among which the Military Virtue Medal, the Star of Romania Medal (for war merits), the Medal of the Crossing of the Danube, the Medal of the Defenders of Independence, Order of the Star of Romania (rank of grand officer), the Order of Carol I (rank of comander), the Order of the Crown (rank of commander), the Russian Order of St. Anna, the Russian Order of Saint Stanislaus and others.


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