Patrikei Narimuntovich of Starodub-Seversky was born circa 1347 to Narimantas (c1306-1348) and Mariya Ordynskaya (1313-c1360) and died 1408 of unspecified causes.

Patrikei Narimuntovich (1347-c1410) 1408 [1]) is the Princes of Starodub-Seversky of the Gediminids.

In the Polish genealogies of the XVIII century, his mother is called the daughter of Toqta Khan .


In 1383-1386 and from 1398 [1] Patrick was the prince's representative in Novgorod , where he arrived at the invitation of the boyar council and was received with great honors, received for the inheritance of the city: Orekhov, Korela, and also the village of Luzhskoye.

In 1384, Patrikei extended his possessions along the Reval road to the west and thereby received all the southern coasts of the Gulf of Finland to the Narva River. To protect the Novgorod possessions, he built a fortress Yam (modern Kingisepp) in the lower reaches of Luga River.

When in 1386 Dmitri Donskoy gathered in a campaign against Novgorod for the raids of local Ushkuiniks on trading routes that were not without the influence of Patrikei and other princes, Novgorod residents, probably at the request of Dmitri, in 1388 took Ladoga and Russ from Patrikei and handed them over another Lithuanian prince - Simeon Lengvenis.

In 1408 Patrick went to serve in Moscow Prince Vasili Dmitriyevich [1].


Information about the descendants of Patrikei is contained in the Velvet Book : ".. And Narimant had a son Prince Patrekei, and Prince Patrekei had three sons, Prince Fyodor, Khovansky went from him ." Prince Yurya , behind him was the daughter of Grand Duke Vasilyev, from he went Bulgakov , Schenyatevy , Kurakin , Galitzine Prince. Alexander ; he went ot Koretsky .".


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Offspring of Patrikei Narimuntovich of Starodub-Seversky and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Fyodor Patrikeyevich of Pskov (c1378-1426)
Yuri Patrikeyevich (c1380-c1440)
Aleksandr Patrikeyevich of Koretsk (c1382-1402)


Offspring of Narimantas (c1306-1348) and Anna-Yelizaveta Vasilkovna (c1307-1345)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Aleksandr Narimuntovich of Podolia (c1325-c1387)
Yuri Narimuntovich of Belz (c1327-1392)
Mikhail Narimuntovich of Pinsk (c1330-c1380)

Offspring of Narimantas (c1306-1348) and Mariya Ordynskaya (1313-c1360)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Patrikas Narimuntovich of Starodub-Seversky (c1347-1408) 1347 1406 Yelena
Simeon Narimuntovich (c1348-c1388) 1348 1388


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