Paul Eduard Maximilian Bürde was born 28 November 1830 in Rożniątów, Strzelce County, Opole Voivodeship, Poland to Ernst Bürde (1794-1869) and Pauline Rambach (1798-1855) and died 23 May 1874 Berlin, Germany of unspecified causes. He married Katarina Bürde (1837-1917) 28 November 1856 .

Paul Eduard Maximilian Bürde (born 28 November 1830;[1] – 23 May 1874) was a German painter and illustrator.

Eine lustige Geschichte, Genre painting of the servant milieu

Diskussion im Frankfurt Parliament, 1848, Lithografie nach dem Gemälde von Paul Bürde


Born in Upper Silesia, Bürde was the fifth child of Ernst Bürde and his wife Pauline Rambach. He grew up in Rosniontau.[2] His uncle was the Berlin academy professor and animal painter Friedrich Leopold Bürde, husband of the singer and pianist Anna Milder-Hauptmann. A further uncle was the building councillor Georg Heinrich Bürde, whose daughter-in-law, the singer Jenny Bürde-Ney, was portrayed by Paul Bürde.[3] Bürde's grandfather was the poet and court councillor Samuel Gottlieb Bürde. On 28 November 1856 he married his cousin Katarina (1837-1917), the daughter of his uncle Georg Heinrich.[4][5]

At the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin he made a portrait of his teacher Eduard Daege.[6] Well known is his picture Diskussion im Frankfurt Parliament, in which Bürde as an eyewitness of the parliamentary sessions portrayed many important politicians of the German revolutions of 1848-1849. Another well-known picture is Homage to Kaiser Wilhelm I. (1871), by which Emperor Wilhelm I was put in a row with Martin Luther, Frederick the Great and Field Marshal Blücher because of the foundation of the German Empire and thus painterly reproduced the Borussian historiography of Heinrich von Treitschke. (German Historical Institute Washington DC), retrieved 14 September 2020. In Berlin, Bürde was active until his death as genre painting and portrait painter of Berlin personalities as well as illustrator of the magazine Die Gartenlaube. The painter Ludwig Pietsch also highlighted Bürde as a "painter of watercolour pictures of official events at the royal court and in the royal family".[7]

Kaiser Wilhelm in seinem Hühnerhause (in Schloss Babelsberg), Illustration in Die Gartenlaube, 1873

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Offspring of Paul Eduard Maximilian Bürde and Katarina Bürde (1837-1917)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Alfred Bürde (1859-c1935) 1935
Anna Bürde (1860-1937) 1860 1937
Klara Bürde (1863-c1940) 1863 1940
Wanda Bürde (1865-1865) 1865 1885


Offspring of Ernst Bürde (1794-1869) and Pauline Rambach (1798-1855)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Marie Bürde (1819-1862) 1819 22 October 1862 Anron Dworatschek (c1815-c1890)
Anna Bürde (1821-1889) 24 July 1821 26 July 1889
Clementine Bürde (1823-1845) 10 January 1823 17 August 1845 Rożniątów, Strzelce County, Opole Voivodeship, Poland
Johannes Bürde (1826-1887) 24 June 1826 Rożniątów, Strzelce County, Opole Voivodeship, Poland 22 November 1887 Czarnocin, Strzelce County, Opole Voivodeship, Poland Wilhelmine Nobiling (c1838-c1900)
Paul Bürde (1830-1874) 28 November 1830 Rożniątów, Strzelce County, Opole Voivodeship, Poland 23 May 1874 Berlin, Germany Katarina Bürde (1837-1917)
Richard Bürde (1832-1919) 1832 20 May 1919 Julia Schroll (c1836-)
Celeste von Thun (c1840-c1910)

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