Pepin Carolingian was born 759 in France to Pepin the Short (714-768) and Bertrada of Laon (720-783) and died 761 France of unspecified causes.

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The Annales Laurissenses record the birth in 759 of "Pippinus regis filius" who was named after his father, Pepin the Short (714-768), specifying that he lived two years and died in his third year. His birth and death two years later are recorded in the Royal Frankish Annals.[1]


Offspring of Pepin the Short (714-768) and Bertrada of Laon (720-783)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Charlemagne (747-814) 2 April 747 Herstal, Belgium 28 January 814 Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Himiltrude (c742-c780)
Desiderata of the Lombards (c744-)
Hildegard (758-783)
Gersuinda (750-aft800)
Madelgarde de Lommois (c760-)
Fastrada of Ingelheim (765-794)
Luitgard of Alamannia (c770-800)
Regina (c780-)
Ethelind (c780-)
Carloman (751-771) 28 June 751 4 December 771 Samoussy Gerberga of Pavia (c750-)
Gisela (757-810) 757 810
Pepin (759-761) 759 France 761 France
Chrothais (746-) 746 Liege, Belgium
Adelais (c749-) 749 Liege, Belgium


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