Phinehas Howe Richards was born 22 December 1779 in East Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut to Joseph Richards (1762-1840) and Rhoda Howe (1762-1838) and died 23 April 1853 Brookfield, Madison County, New York of unspecified causes. He married Wealthy Dewey (1786-1853) 24 February 1818 in Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. He married Mary Vail Morse (1788-1874) 8 February 1846 in Winter Quarters, Douglas County, Nebraska. He married Martha Allen (1803-1860) 26 November 1847 in Winter Quarters, Douglas County, Nebraska. He married Margaret Phillips (1800-1890) 29 February 1848 in Winter Quarters, Douglas County, Nebraska. He married Emily Northrop (1810-1850) 24 March 1852 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. He married Ann Emerson (1802-) 14 February 1856 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. He married Jane McBride (1815-1850) 22 June 1871 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah.


Phinehas Richards

Phinehas Howe Richards was an early leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and in Utah Territory. His first name is also spelled Phineas in some records.

Richards was born in Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He was a brother of Levi Richards (1799-1876) and Willard Richards (1804-1854) who also served prominently in the church.

The father of Franklin D. Richards and Henry P. Richards. He married Wealthy Dewey in 1818. In, 1825 he was appointed county coroner. His oldest son, George Spencer Richards died at age 15 at the Haun's Mill Massacre in 1838.

Richards joined the Church of the Latter Day Saints in 1837. He was a member of high councils at Kirtland, Nauvoo, Winter Quarters and Salt Lake City. He also served as a member of the Nauvoo City Council and the 1st Utah territorial legislature, where he also was the chaplain. In 1844, Richards published an appeal to the citizens of Massachusetts asking them to take action on the matter of the wrongs Missouri had inflicted upon the Latter-day Saints.

Joseph Smith Papers

Cabinetmaker, joiner, carpenter, botanic physician.

Born at Framingham, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.4 Son of Joseph Richards and Rhoda Howe.5 Served as sergeant major during War of 1812.6 Married Wealthy Dewey, 24 Feb. 1818.7 Moved to Richmond, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts, 1818.8 Appointed Berkshire Co. coroner, 1825.9 Moved to Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio, May 1837.10 Baptized into LDS church by Brigham Young, 13 June 1837, at Kirtland.11 Ordained a high priest by JS, Joseph Smith Sr., and Sidney Rigdon, Sept. 1837.12 Appointed to Kirtland high council, 3 Sept. 1837.13 Began serving mission to eastern states, Nov. 1837.14 Moved to Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois, 1843.15 Appointed to Nauvoo City Council, 29 Apr. 1844.16 Appointed to Nauvoo high council, 23 Nov. 1844.17 Member of Nauvoo Legion.18 Arrived in Salt Lake Valley with Willard Richards company, 19 Oct. 1848.19 Member of Salt Lake high council and of Utah territorial legislature.20 Served colonizing mission to Sanpete Co., Utah Territory, where he served as a bishop’s counselor.21 Returned to Salt Lake City, where he died.

Richards Pioneer Company

Phineas and his family traveled to Utah in 1848 in the company of his brother Willard. Phineas searved as the captain of three tens.

526 individuals were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Winter Quarters, Nebraska. This company was divided into two sections, Willard Richards section and Amasa Lyman Section. The Lyman section left the outfitting post on 1 July and the Richards section left on 3 July.

Members of the company arrived from 10-19 October 1848.

Marriage & Family

Although Elder Phinehas Richards entered the Mormon practice of polygamy and had several wives, I can't find that any bore him children except for the first.

1st Marriage: Wealthy Dewey

Marriage to Wealthy Dewey (1786-1853)

  1. Abraham Richards (1818-1818) - died young
  2. Moses Richards (1819-1819) - died young
  3. Betsey Richards (1820-1820) - died young
  4. Franklin Dewey Richards (1821-1899) - popular mormon missionary and 1st president of Utah Genealogical Society
    1. Josephine Richards (1853-1933) - women's suffrage activist and counselor of LDS General Primary Presidency
      1. Franklin l. West - LDS Church Commissioner of Education 1935-1953.
    2. Franklin S Richards - LDS Church attorney and married to Emily Sophia Tanner (1850-1929) who was a delegate to the first National Council of Women in 1888.
    3. George Franklin Richards (1861-1950) - LDS Apostle, President of Salt Lake Temple and Acting Patriarch to the Church.
      1. LeGrand Richards (1886-1983) - LDS Apostle and Presiding Bishop of the Church.
    4. Charles C Richards
      1. Franklin Dewey Richards (1900-1987) - LDS Missionary and Seventy general authority.
  5. George Spencer Richards (1823-1838) - died in the Haun's Mill Massacre at age 15
  6. Samuel Whitney Richards (1824-1909)
  7. Wealthy Mariah Richards (1827-1909)
  8. Joseph William Richards (1829-1846) - veteran of Mormon Battalion March - died with sick detail in Pueblo CO.
  9. Henry Phinehas Richards (1831-1912) - two time missionary to Hawaii.

2nd Marriage: Mary Morse

  • Mary Vail Morse (1788-1874) - she later divorced him

3rd Marriage: Martha Allen

  • Martha Allen (1803-1860)

4th Marriage: Margaret Phillips

5th Marriage

  • Emily Northrop (1810-1850)

6th Marriage

  • Ann Emerson (1802-)

7th Marriage

  • Jane McBride (1815-1850)


Offspring of Phinehas Howe Richards and Wealthy Dewey (1786-1853)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Abraham Richards (1818-1818) 9 December 1818 Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, United States 9 December 1818 Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, United States
Moses Richards (1819-1819) 7 September 1819 Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts 7 September 1819 Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
Betsey Richards (1820-1820) 13 June 1820 Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts 13 June 1820 Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
Franklin Dewey Richards (1821-1899) 2 April 1821 Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts 9 December 1899 Ogden, Weber County, Utah
George Spencer Richards (1823-1838) 8 January 1823 Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts 30 October 1838 Hauns Mill, Caldwell County, Missouri
Samuel Whitney Richards (1824-1909) 9 August 1824 Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts 26 November 1909 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah Mary Haskin Parker (1823-1860) Mary Ann Parker (1839-1914) Jane Elizabeth Mayer (1831-) Mary Haskin Parker (1823-1860) Mary Ann Parker (1839-1914) Jane Elizabeth Mayer (1831-) Helena Lydia Robinson (1835-1883)
Wealthy Mariah Richards (1827-1909) 17 June 1827 Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts 13 January 1909 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah Walter Eli Wilcox (1821-1919)
Joseph William Richards (1829-1846) 25 May 1829 Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts 19 November 1846 Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado Eliza Ann Peirson (1822-1846)
Henry Phinehas Richards (1831-1912) 30 November 1831 Richmond, Berkshire County, Massachusetts 29 October 1912 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah Margaret Minerva Amanda Empey (1831-1909)




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