Welcome to The Wigton Walker Project Home Page, a home for genealogists researching the lines of descent for John Walker I of Wigton Scotland, as identified by Emma Siggins White, in her 1902 work Descendants of John Walker of Wigton Scotland,and some Allied Families. DNA research has shown that some of the lines identified by White are not in fact related to each other, but were merged to form a single large descendancy. This site covers all of these lines, whether John Walker I was or was not their ancestor. We seek to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. Many of us researching these lines have thought of the "Wigton Walkers" as our very large and extensive family. We may now know that we are not all genetic cousins, but we remain cultural cousins, united by the work of Emma Siggins White. Bless her pea-picking heart! She did her very best, and rendered us all a great service by preserving as much of our family histories as she did, even if she did get a few of our lines a tinsy bit off. (G)

More information about the Wigton Walkers can be found at About the Wigton Walkers. Additonal information concerning what this site is about, can be found at Frequently Answered Questions.

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