Go here for an explanation of this table A brief, and incomplete analysis of the significance of YDNA data for understanding of the two main "Wigton Walker" Lines, is provided separately, at this location.

Walkers Creek Lineage[]

Descendants of Alexander I[]

Person*SpouseDispersion**White 1902
Alexander Walker I (c1682-?)Jane Cowan ? (?-?)Remained in Scotland
John Walker (?-1797) aka "Gunstocker John"Mary Culton (?-aft1797)Rockbridge Co, VAWhite 1902:566)
..........Joseph Culton Walker (?-1815)Jane Moore (?-c1818)Lexington, Rockbridge Co Va; Buffalo Creek/Buffallo MillsWhite 1902:175, 568, 5699 children
Mary Walker (?-?)Abraham Grimes/Graham (?-?)children dispersed to KY White 1902:614
Alexander Walker (?-1820)Jane Stuart (1761-?)Rockbridge; White 1902:615
Some Children to WV
Some Children to IN
Some Children to KY
James Walker (?-?)Ann Walker (1754-?)IllinoisWhite 1902:615); [Ann is the daughter of Alexander Walker = Jane Hammer]
Jane Walker (?-?)John Ray (?-?)-White 1902:615
John Walker (?-?)Betsey McCampbell (?-?)-White 1902:616
William Walker (?-?)Mary Stuart (?-?)Walkers Creek, Rockbridge Co, VaWhite 1902:616
Samuel Walker (?-?)Rebecca Gaddus (?-?)northern Georgia, among the Cherokee IndiansWhite 1902:619
Margaret Walker (?-?)James Carr Frazier (?-?)Logan Co., KY 1790-1800White 1902:620
Andrew Walker (?-?)Betsey McKinney (?-?)-White 1902:620
Eleanor Walker (?-?)Andrew Martin (?-?)-White 1902:620
Alexander Walker II (? - c1785) aka "Sawney"Jane (?-?)PA to VA, Walkers Creek, Rockbridge Co 1734White 1902:625
..John Walker (?-?)Mary Moore (?-?)Walkers Creek, Rockbridge Co. VAWhite 1902:629
Surviving children remained in Rockbridge
Rebecca Walker (?-?)UnknownKentuckyWhite 1902:628; married against her parents wishes
Joseph Walker (?-?)Nothing KnownWhite 1902:628
Eleanor Walker(?-?) never marriedKentuckyWhite 1902:628


* Color coding in the "Name" column shows common YDNA results.
** Color coding in the "Dispersion" column shows common Dispersion locations.

Descendants of John II[]

PersonSpouseDispersionWhite 1902
John Walker II (c1682-1734)Katherine Rutherford (c1682-1738)Cecil Co, MD
Elizabeth Walker (1703-1787)John Campbell (?-?)Staunton, Augusta Co, VAWhite 1902:3
..........John Campbell (?-?)died on passage to AmericaWhite 1902:4
Esther Campbell (?-?)Alexander McKinney (?-?)-White 1902:4
Mary Campbell (?-?)David Chambers (?-?)-White 1902:4
Rachel Campbell (?-c1797)Thomas Dobbins (?-bef1797)Caswell Co, NCWhite 1902:4
Elizabeth Campbell (?-?)Died young-White 1902:4)
Jane Campbell (?-1816)Alexander McPheeters (?-1798)Augusta Co, VAWhite 1902:4,5
John Walker Campbell (?-?)Martha Spears (?-?)-White 1902:4
Elizabeth Campbell (?-?)James Wallace (?-?)-
Robert Campbell (c1745-1804)Rebecca Wallace (?-?)Augusta, to Mason Co, KYWhite 1902:4
John Walker III (c1705-c1776)Ann Houston (c1705-c1765)Washington Co, VAWhite 1902:6
Susannah Walker (1739-?)Patrick Porter (1731-1806)Russel Co, VAWhite 1902:6)
Mary Walker (?-?)Andrew Cowan (?-?)SW VAWhite 1902:6
Jane Walker (1755-1806)William COWAN (1750-1809) Blount Co, TNWhite 1902:6
Hetty Walker (?-c1772)Robert Bell (1736-1816)Caswell Co, then Guilford, then he to TN late in lifeWhite 1902:6
John Walker IV (c1740-c1817) aka "Indian Killer""Miss Long" Blount Co, TNWhite 1902:6
Samuel Walker (?-c1776)never marriedWashington Co, VAWhite 1902:6
Margaret Walker (?-?)John Snoddy (?-?)KentuckyWhite 1902:6
Ann Walker (?-?)Samuel Cowan (?-?)Washington Co, VAWhite 1902:6
Martha Walker (?-?)Alexander Montgomery (?-?)? SWVAWhite 1902:6
James Walker (1707 - ?)Mary Guffy (?-?)-White 1902:31
Mary Walker (?-?)Hugh Kelso (?-?)-White 1902:76
John Walker (? - ?) (died young)White 1902:6
Jane Walker (?-?)John Moore (1735-1798) -White 1902:32, and bottom of page 69. Not to be confused with Jane dau of John II, and wife of James Moore)
Elizabeth Walker (?-?)John Stuart (1740-1831)-White 1902:52
Thomas Walker (?-?) died young-
William Walker (?-?) died young-
Jane Walker (1712-1793)James Moore (1711-1791)Nottingham, PA, Rockbridge Co, VAWhite 1902:32, 69
>John Moore 1735-1798Jane Walker (?-?) (dau. of James Walker=Mary Guffy)Rockbridge Co, VA to KY late in lifeWhite 1902:32
Mary Moore (1736-?)1) Samuel Paxton, 2) Alexander StuartWhite 1902:69
Rachel Moore (1736-1826) Rev. William McPheeters (?-?)Rockbridge/Augusta Co, VAWhite 1902:70
Elizabeth Moore (?-1786)Michael Coalter (?-?)Rockbridge Co, VAWhite 1902:108)
Margaret Jane Moore (?-?)died young
James Moore 1740-1786)Martha Poague (?-?)Tazewell Co, VA (Abb's Valley)White 1902:145
Joseph Moore (?-?)Margaret Coalter (?-?) KY late in lifeWhite 1902:174
Jane Moore (?-c1818)Joseph Walker (?-?)Rockbridge Co, VAWhite 1902:175
Alexander Moore (?-?)No record/died young-White 1902:69
Samuel Moore (?-?)No record-White 1902:69
Samuel Walker (? - c1798) "The Orphan"Caswell Co, NCNot included in White 1902.
Elizabeth Walker (1749-?) Noah Cobb (c1750-Bef1808 m. 1766 Caswell Co., NC
Jean Walker (c1750-c1833)Robert J. King (-1817) m.Abt 1770
Elinor Walker (1754-)[Did she marry a Walker or unmarried?]
Agnes Walker (1756-1815) James Orr (1755-1819) m.29 Jan 1779
James William Walker (1756-1823)Elisabeth Elliott (1763-Aft1860)Robertson Co, TN
Mary Walker (?-?)White 1902:3, considers this questionable)

The Natural Bridge Lineage[]

Samuel Walker (1714-1793)Jane Patterson (?-?)Natural Bridge, Rockbridge Co, VAWhite 1902:176
..........Barbara Walker (?-?)William McClelland (?-?)Knoxville, TNWhite 1902:177
Katherine Walker (?-?)<David Scott (?-?)East TNWhite 1902:178
Jane Walker (?-?)William Taylor (?-?)Adair Co KYWhite 1902:179
Samuel Walker (1748-?)Susan McDonald (?-?)Some Children to IllWhite 1902:179
Some children to TN
Elizabeth Walker (?-?) "Never Married"
James Walker (1752-1791)Jane Thompson (?-?)-White 1902:180
John Walker (1755- ?)Margaret Paul (?-?)White 1902:180
Joseph Walker (1758-?)Susan Willis (?-?)Roane Co, TN, White 1902:180
children to MO, CA, and OR
Joel Walker (1764-1834)Margaret Armstrong (?-?)Greenbriar, WV, White 1902:228
then Springfield, Ill,
then Fayette Co, Ill

Alexander Walker (1716-c1786)Jane Hammer (1729-1798)Rockbridge Co,White 1902:263
wife to Woodbridge Co KY
John Walker (1747-1814)1) Margaret Hudson (?-?) 2) Margaret Kelso (?-?) Rockbridge Co, VAWhite, 1902:264
William Walker (1749-1790)Jane Walker (?-?)Woodford Co, KY, Adair Co, KY....White 1902:290
James Walker (1751-1800)Margaret Gray (?-?)Woodford Co, KY; Adair Co, KYWhite 1902:296; Emma S. White's Line
Ann Walker (1754-?)James Walker (?-?)McDonough Co Ill, he died McGomery Co IllWhite 1902:615; James is the son of Gunstocker John]
Alexander Walker (1756-1764) died young-
Joseph Walker (1760-1768) died young-
David Walker (1763-1827)Jane Holmes (?-?)Butler Fork, Adair Co, KY,White 1902:346
she to Irish Grove, Sangamon Co, Ill
Alexander Walker (1765-?)1) Mary Magdalene Harmon (?-?) 2) Mary Combs (?-?)KYWhite 1902:363
Jane Walker (1768-aft1822)Andrew McMahan (?-c1822)Green Co, KYWhite 1902:413
Joseph Walker (1771-1839)Katherine Kelso (?-?)1795 Petit's Fork, Adair Co KY, White 1902:413
Catherine Walker (1775- ??)Samuel Taylor (?-?)East Fork, Little Barren River, Green Co, KY, then to Adair Co KYWhite 1902:421

Joseph Walker (1722-1806)1) Nancy McLung (?-?), 2) Grizelda McCrosky (?-?)Ky late in lifeWhite 1902:492
Sarah Walker (1750-?)John Paxton (?-?)Rockbridge CoWhite 1902:495
William (?-?) died young
John Walker (?-?) died young
Mary Campbell Walker (1754-1811)Charles John Hays (?-?)-White 1902:495
Jane Walker (?-?)William Walker (1749-1790)1787 to Woodford Co, KY; 1800 Adair Co, KY;White 1902:290
Clarke Co, Indiana
Some children to McDonough Co, Ill
Elizabeth Walker (1757-1787)--White 1902:495
Joseph Walker (1761-?)Mary Hays (?-?)-White 1902:512 Line associated with the Polks
Susan Walker (1762-1835)James McCrosky (1760-1835)Georgetown, Scott Co, KYWhite 1902:549
Nancy Walker (1760-1850)Michael Warnock (1751-1823)1789 KYWhite 1902:554
James Walker (c1765-1834)Esther Alexander (?-?) (Widow Alexander)Rockbridge Co, Va, White 1902:561
Possibly Adair Co, KY
Some children to McDonough Co, Ill
Samuel Walker (c1765-?)Jane Simpson (?-?)-White 1902:495