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Prahova County
Județul Prahova
—  County   —

Coat of arms
Administrative map of Romania with Prahova county highlighted
Coordinates: 45°06′N 26°01′E / 45.1, 26.02Coordinates: 45°06′N 26°01′E / 45.1, 26.02
Country Romania
Development region Sud
Historical region Muntenia
Capital Ploiești
 • Total 4,716 km2 (1,821 sq mi)
Area rank 33rd
Population (2011)
 • Total 762,886
 • Rank 3rd
 • Density 160/km2 (420/sq mi)
Telephone code (+40) 244 or (+40) 344[1]
ISO 3166 code RO-PH
Website County Council

Prahova (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈprahova]) is a county (judeţ) of Romania, in the historical region Muntenia, with the capital city at Ploiești.


In 2002, it had a population of 829,945 and the population density was 176/km². It is Romania's most populated county, having a population density double than the country's mean. However, with a population of 823,509, as of 1 July 2007, it seems that it was surpassed by Iași County in terms of population.

Year County population[3]
1948 557,776
1956 623,817
1966 701,057
1977 817,168
1992 874,349
2002 829,945

The county received an inflow of population who have moved here due to the industrial development. More info on: [ ]


This county has a total area of 4,716 km².

The relief is split in approximately equal parts between the mountains, the hills and the plain. In the North side there are mountains from the southern end of the Eastern Carpathians - the Curved Carpathians group; and the Bucegi Mountains the Eastern end of the Southern Carpathians group. The two groups are separated by the Prahova River Valley.

The South side of the county is a plain, on the North West side of the Romanian Plain.

The main river is the river that names the county - the Prahova River. It flows from the mountains, through the Prahova Valley collecting many other rivers - the Doftana River, the Teleajen River and others.



The area contains the main oil reserves in Romania having a long tradition in extracting and refining the oil. The county is heavily industrialised, more than 115,000 people being involved in an industrial activity. It realises over 8% of the country's industrial production. Some of the biggest international corporations like Coca-Cola, Unilever, InBev, Michelin, Timken and others have invested heavily in the recent years.

The predominant industries in the county are:

  • Oil industry - almost 50% of the county's industrial production.
  • Oil extracting equipment.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Rubber industry.
  • Mechanical components industry.
  • Food and beverages industry.
  • Textile industry.

Agriculture is also developed - in the southern part mainly extensive agriculture and the hills area is well suited for wines and fruit orchards. In total it realises about 3% of the country's agricultural production.


The Prahova Valley is one of the areas with the highest tourist potential in the country having one of the best tourism facilities in Romania.

The main tourist destinations are:

  • On the Prahova Valley:
  • On the Teleajen River Valley:
  • On the Doftana River Valley:
    • The Teleaga Resort.
    • Valea Doftanei.
    • The Gârbova Mountains.
  • The city of Ploiești.
  • The city of Câmpina.

Administrative divisions[]

Prahova County has 2 municipalities, 12 towns and 90 communes

  • Municipalities
    • Câmpina - population: 38,758 (as of 2000)
    • Ploiești - capital city; population: 250,541 (as of 2007)

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