Premyslava Vladimirovna was born 985 to Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015) and Rogneda Rogvolodovna of Polotsk (962-1002) and died 1015 of unspecified causes.

Premislava Vladimirovna (c985-1015) - the Duchess of Hungary , the wife of the Prince of Nytra Ladislas the Bald [1] .

The daughter of the Russian prince Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev and Rogneda of Polotsk. In 1000 she married Ladislas the Bald. This information was obtained on the basis of the fact that as a wife of Ladislas, a certain "Premislava" and "Russian origin" is indicated[2][3]..

Nothing is known about her offspring.


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