The list includes the names of the rulers of the Principality of Turov after 1168. The previous rulers are included in the list pf Princes of Turov and Pinsk which lists the rulers of the principality before it was split into two separate principalities.

List of Princes of Turov[]

Ruler Native name Born Reign Death Parents Consort Notes
Ivan Yuryevich Иван Юрьевич c1145 1167-c1183 c1183 Yuri Yaroslavich
Anna Vsevolodovna
Svyatopolk Yuryevich Святополк Юрьевич c1147 c1183-1190 1190 Yuri Yaroslavich
Anna Vsevolodovna
Gleb Yuryevich Глеб Юрьевич c1155 1190-1195 1195 Yuri Yaroslavich
Anna Vsevolodovna
Andrei Ivanovich Андрей Иванович c1180 1195-1223 1223 Ivan Yuryevich NN Mstislavna
Vladimir Svyatopolchich Владимир Святополчич c1170 1223-1228 1228 Svyatopolk Yuryevich
Yuri Andreyevich Юрий Андреевич c1215 1228-c1270 c1270 Andrei Ivanovich
NN Mstislavna
Semyon Yuryevich of Turov Семён Юрьевич c1250 c1270-1320 1320 Yuri Andreyevich