Principality of Anhalt-Dornburg
Fürstentum Anhalt-Dornburg
State of the Holy Roman Empire


Coat of arms

Capital Dornburg
Government Principality
Historical era Middle Ages
 -  Partitioned from
1667 1667
 -  Inherited Anhalt-Zerbst 1742

The Principality of Anhalt-Dornburg was located in what is today Germany. It was created in 1667 following the death of Prince John VI and the partition of Anhalt-Zerbst with Anhalt-Mühlingen being created along with Anhalt-Dornburg for the younger sons of Prince John VI. The principality lasted until 1742 when Princes Christian August and John Louis II inherited Anhalt-Zerbst.

Princes of Anhalt-Dornburg 1667–1742[]

  • John Louis I 1667–1704
  • John Louis II 1704–1742
  • John Augustus 1704–1709 (co-regent)
  • Christian Louis 1704–1710 (co-regent)
  • John Frederick 1704–1742 (co-regent)
  • Christian Augustus 1704–1742 (co-regent)

United with Anhalt-Zerbst in 1742.

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