Principality of Dorogobuzh (Tver)
Дорогобужское княжество (Тверь)
Coordinates : 56°15′43″N 35°23′25″E / 56.26194, 35.39028
Capital Dorogobuzh, (now the village of Dorozhaevo in the Zubtsov Rayon, Tver Oblast
Religion Eastern Orthodox
Government Monarchy
Historical era Middle ages
 -  Established 1318
 -  Disestablished 1478

The Principality of Dorogobuzh is a Russian appanage principality with the capital in the town of Dorogobuzh, (now the village of Dorozhaevo in the Zubtsov Rayon, Tver Oblast, Russia. The principality was created in 1318 as part of the Grand Principality of Tver

The first Prince of Dorogobuzh, Tver was Konstantin Mikhailovich , the Grand Prince of Tver and the third son of the Grand Prince of Vladimir Mikhail Yaroslavich . The last appanage prince was Yury Andreevich, mentioned in the annals as a participant in Ivan III's campaigns to Novgorod in 1471 and 1478. [1]

According to V.V. Boguslavsky, the last appanage prince was Yury Andreevich's brother, Osip Andreevich, who was killed in 1530 near Kazan, at the same time with his son Ivan, nicknamed Porosh, from whom the family of the Poroshins descends, who no longer had a princely title. [2]

The principality was disestablished in 1478 when it was incorporated in the Grand Principality of Moscow.

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