Principality of Gorodets (Polotsk)
Городцовское княжество
Capital Gorodets na Berezine
Languages Old East Slavic
Religion Eastern Orthodox Church
Government Principality
Prince of Gorodets
 -  1044—1101 Vseslav
Legislature Veche
 -  Established 1159
 -  Incorporation into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania 1397

The Principality of Gorodets was an apanage West-Russian principality on the territory of the Principality of Polotsk, with a center in Gorodets na Berezine. In chronicles, the city's capital city is also referred to as "Goroden" and "Gorodno", but it is not the same city as Grodno (see Principality of Goroden (Grodno)).

Probably, initially the territory of the principality was part of the Principality of Minsk or Principality of Izyaslavl. In 1159 the Prince of of Drutsk Rogvolod Borisovich took possession ofPolotsk, expelling Rostislav Glebovich , who was reigning there. After this, Rogvolod tried to subdue the other Polotsk lands. The greatest resistance was rendered to him by the Rostislav's brother, Volodar Glebovich, strengthened in 1159 in Gorodets. In 1162 Rogvolod besieged Gorodets, however, according to the Ipatiev Chronicle, Volodar at night with the help of Lithuanians made a sortie from the city and defeated Rogvolod's army, who fled to Slutsk, and from there to Drutsk. After his brother's death, in 1165, Volodar changed it in Minsk .

The exact location of the principality is unknown. Danilevich places him in the northwestern part of Polotsk, on the border with Lithuania [1]. Alekseev identified Gorodets either with the modern city Haradzeya (north-west of Nyasvizh) or with Haradzishcha north of Baranavichy [2] .

Princes of Gorodets[]


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