Terminology: How settng properties surname, given name and middle name affect familypedia articles:

Person names in different cultures list names with particular rules for ordering them, grouping all those with a general name corresponding to family, place of birth or tribe moving to the progressively more individual names. Familypedia has a first level name corresponding to this most general sort key. In western countries this is often a family name, but in others it may be a wikipedia:Patronym or clan name. This is the primary sort key and should appear in the "surname" property. For names with identical surname values, sorting schemes refer to a secondary key. Regardless whether this name is or is not best described as a "given name", if it is a second order sort key, this value should be placed in the "given name" property. In western countries, this corresponds to the "first name(s)" of a person, and for chinese would correspond to the given name including the generational component that customarily appears in print not in the first position, but following the surname. When both primary and secondary keys are identical, a third key is referred to. Some cultures use a wikipedia:Patronym in this position and others use a secondary given name often refered to as a wikipedia:middle name. Still others might typically sort using a third key that refers to the person's western name, as is often the case in east asian countries. This third sort value regardless of its actual meaning should appear in the "middle_name" property.

SMW characteristics:

  • This is not an N-ary property. Arrays of names are not allowed.
  • Type: String
  • subproperty of (allows search on) Property:person name
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