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"... co-h. to Percy honours"  +
"A proprietor of Gloucestor, Mass., in 1641, but moved to Boston about 1655" ([[Bartlett, 1904]], p. 83).  +
"Alice was my great grandmother :"Joanna Willis Oxford"  +
"Andrew was 15 years and one month old when he chose his own employment."<new note>He became a merchant in Edinburgh, and his father-in-law was a citizen of London. He acquired various lands in the parishes of Old and New Machar, Aberdeenshire.<new note>He was the Laird of Dyce, inherited from his brother, for just under four years before his death meant the lands passed to his son.  +
"Cecile herself was the daughter of Andreas Wohl, a scholar of distinction in the city of Vilna, the center of Russian Jewry, now Vilnius in Lithuania. A teacher of Jewish history, Wohl refused the honor of becoming chief rabbi of the city because he disliked Jewish ritual. Liberal in religious attitude, he wrote an article relating the Talmud and the New Testament and regularly sent Christmas greetings to the Pollacsek-Polanyi family who did not take part in traditional Jewish religious practices."  +
"Dore Chakravarty", as he has been known to his friends on Wikipedia and the India and Engineering Wikia sites, participated in the uprising that resulted in the partition of India and the end of direct rule by the United Kingdom. He then had a distinguished career as an engineer. Not keen to have birth dates of living persons public, once saying "I removed some of the birth dates in my family web page, on a request from one of my cousins from USA. Therefore better I do not put my details here." Some of his children and grandchildren have become New Zealand citizens. In 2006, one of his granddaughters was married. On 16 July 2006 he posted on the Engineering Wikia: "marriage of my grand daughter(Cz of NZ is over and also the marriage fixing of her brother(Cz of NZ). On 13th marriage fixing of my another grand daughter at Chennai is over. In Jan07 the pending marriages will be performed at Chennai ..."  +
"Educ Fettes (1870-78) Joined Bengal CS 1879; Served in Bengal as Ass't Magistrate & Collector; transferred to Assam 1883; Commissioner Surma Valley & Hill Districts, 1905; Member Legislative Council Eastern Bengal & Assam."  +
"El de Buenos Fueros"  +
"Grizzel" on tombstone.  +
"Ihimaera" is a transliteration of "Smiler". Some descendants used "Ihimaera-Smiler" as a surname.  +
"Immigrated with mother and siblings on the 'Concord' Jul. 24, 1683"  +
"John Glidden of Exeter, carpenter, and Ann his wife . . . sell Nicholas Gilman of Exeter, gentleman, 23 acres . . . bounded 'by land set off to Dorothy Scribner now Dorothy Hopkinson which I purchased of Joseph Lougee,' 2 Nov. 1770." (Rockingham Co. Deeds, 109:451.)  +
"Lived as tenant farmer." (Levde som torpare) according to the Wallenborg site.  +
"One of the earliest settlers of Reading, Mass., coming to there from Lynn" ([[Bartlett, 1904]], p. 83).  +
"The Australian marriage registration shows fathers name as Charles. However her New Zealand Death Certificate incorrectly lists George and Sarah as her parents."  +
"The name of Gerard's first wife has not been identified in the primary sources so far consulted" - says [ Charles Cawley] publishing for the [[Foundation for Medieval Genealogy]]. His children might therefore not be direct descendants of [[Charlemagne]].  +
"The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified, particularly the source confirming that he was the son of Clémence de Bar"  +
"William Tanfield, B.A., of [[Gayton, Northants.]], & [[Everton, Hunts.]], ... was recorded as "aged 16" & found to be the heir of his paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Tanfield, at her Inq. P.M., 29 June 1504. He graduated B.A. from [[Oxford University]], 1511" The inquest finding would make his birth between June 1487 and June 1488.  +
"i177" on Hymie website.  +