English: "State" corresponds to the first level political division a sovereign nation's government. It includes, but is not limited to the notion of a state in the sense of "federal stateWp globe tiny.gifs". For example, the Comunidad Autónoma of Spain are not formally considered federal states, but are the first level political division of Spain. On Familypedia Forms in other languages, this field will not use the term "state", but a term that is typical for the language spoken. EG, for French, this property will appear as "départment"; for Russian, "Oblast".

Partial list: Province, OblastWp globe tiny.gif (slavic countries), muhafazahWp globe tiny.gif ("Governates" of Arab countries) DépartementWp globe tiny.gif (French speaking countries), CantonWp globe tiny.gif, Ostan (Iran), Emirate (UAE), Negeri (Malaysia). For more examples, see the list of terms for administrative divisionsWp globe tiny.gif on Wikipedia (also includes entities that are not first level subdivisions).

For technical reasons, familypedia's fields have to internally be named one thing. These names are more general than their names imply. For example a square or building name is a proper value in a street address, and governmental entities that are not technically federal states are encoded in the "state" field. Familypedia's location hierarchy is:

  • country
    • "state", province, oblast or other sub national government unit
      • county
        • locality (settlement, community, village, town, or city)
          • street address includes building, square, landmark, as well as street address lines. Separate with semicolons ;
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