Sir Ralph de Mutton was born 9999 in England to Ivo de Mutton (-c1184) and Aline de Ingestre and died after 1238 England of unspecified causes.

Collections for a History of Staffordshire, Volume 12 - Staffordshire Record Society, 1891

  • "Ralph, son of Ivo de Mytton, grants to Lettice, formerly his friend, a virgate of land in the vill of Ingestre, for 4s. annual rent." Witnesses - Stephano Meverel, Pagano de Wastneys, Waltero de Haghengate, Willielmo de Mutton, Galfrido de Mutton et aliis.
  • "Ralph de Mutton grants to Roger Gernon three carcuates of land in Drumheskin which he had of the gift of Sir Bertram de Verdon." [1] Witnesses - Adamo de Prahers, Alexandro de Drumlee, Ivone de Muttona et aliis.
  • "Ralph de Mitthun grants to William Mallebranche certain land between Drumlee and Drumheskin (in Ireland)." Witnesses - Bertramo de Verdon, Ada de Prahers, Matheo de Fulchay, Rogero Gernun, Alexandro de Drumlee, Galfrido Coeo, Galfrido de Mitthun, Ivone de Mitthun et multis aliis.
  • "Ralph de Mutton grants to Robert, son of Walter, half a virgate of land in Mutton." Witnesses - Ada de Bradele, Osberto de Heitun, Yvone de Mere, Nicholao de Salt, Ivone filio Ivonis, Galfrido frate ejus Henrico de Roel, etc.
  • "Ralph de Mutton grants to Henry, son of William de Beche, half a virgate of land in Apeton, which Roger de Hanyard had formerly held." Witnesses - Ricardo de Onna, Roberto de Eyton, Ricardo de Belinttona, Nicholao de Alvredeston, etc.

Notes and references

  1. ^ This and the following Deed show that Ralph de Mutton with his brothers, Ivo and Geoffrey, had accompanied Bertram de Verdun to Ireland in 1185. Drumheskin is probably Dromiskin in co. Louth.


Offspring of Sir Ralph de Mutton and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Philip de Mutton (-bef1241) 9999 England 1241 England
Adam de Mutton (-1242) 9999 England 1242 England Isabella de Audley (-c1228)



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  • Collections for a History of Staffordshire, Volume 12