Ranulph de Mortimer, Lord of Wigmore was born on an unknown date to Roger de Mortimer (990-1074) and Advisa and died circa 1104 of unspecified causes.

Ranulph I de Mortimer (Ralf, Ralph, Raoul de Mortemer) (bef. 1070 to c. 1104) was a Marcher Lord from the Montgomery lands in the Welsh Marches (border lands between Wales and England). In England, he was Lord of Wigmore in Herefordshire. In Normandy, he was the Seigneur of St. Victor-en-Caux. Ranulph was the founder of the English House of Mortimer of Wigmore. He acquired Wigmore Castle after William Fitz Osbern's son Roger de Breteuil joined the Revolt of the Earls of 1075. His lands and holdings in Herefordshire and Shropshire were granted to him by William the Conqueror before 1086.



Offspring of Ranulph Mortimer and Millicent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Hugh de Mortimer (?-c1149) 1149
Hawise de Mortimer (?-aft1127)

Family of Ranulf de Mortimer

Ranulph de Mortemer was born in Normandy before 1070 and died soon after 4 August 1137. He was the son of the Norman baron Roger and Hawise. His father assumed the name Mortemer after taking possession of the castle and village of Mortemer in the Pays de Bray, called sometimes Mortemer sur Eaulne or en Brai. However, Roger lost the land in the Battle of Mortemer of 1054 against William the Conqueror. Decades later, the property was granted back to the Mortemer family, namely by Ranulph, who acquired it. Ranulph is cousin to William de Warenne, 1st Earl of Surrey (1055-1088) and descendants of a sister of Gunnor, the wife of Richard I of Normandy.

Ranulph married Millicent, whose parentage is currently unknown. Their daughter Hawise de Mortemer (d. 1127), married Earl Stephen of Aumale before 1100. Ranulph supported the cause to have his son-in-law replace Henry I of England, however, Henry had control of both England and Normandy until 1135.

Ranulph's son, Hugh I de Mortemer, rebuilt Cymaron Castle in 1144. Wigmore Castle remained the Mortimer dynasty's family home. His grandson Hugh II married Maud (Matilda) de Meschines.


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