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Reading may refer to:


  • Reading (process), the cognitive process of decoding symbols to derive meaning ("reading a book" or "reading music")
    • obtaining information from devices such as sensors ("taking/obtaining (a) reading/readings")
  • Reading (computer), the act of a computer extracting data from a storage medium
  • Reading (legislature), the mechanism by which a bill is introduced to a legislature
  • Divination, gaining insight through interpretation of omens or supernatural indicators
  • Psychic reading, an attempt to discern information through clairvoyance


  • Reading, Berkshire
    • Reading/Wokingham Urban Area, area defined by the UK Office for National Statistics
    • Reading (UK Parliament constituency) (1295-1950 and 1955–1974)
    • Reading East (UK Parliament constituency) (created 1983)
    • Reading North (UK Parliament constituency) (1950–1955 and 1974–1983)
    • Reading South (UK Parliament constituency) (1950–1955 and 1974–1983)
    • Reading West (UK Parliament constituency) (created 1983)
  • Reading, Kansas
  • Reading, Massachusetts
    • Reading (MBTA station)
  • Reading, Michigan
  • Reading, Minnesota
  • Reading, New York
  • Reading, Ohio
  • Reading, Pennsylvania
  • Reading, Vermont
  • North Reading, Massachusetts
  • Port Reading, New Jersey
  • Reading Township (disambiguation)
  • West Reading, Pennsylvania

Academic institutions[]

  • Reading School, a grammar school
  • University of Reading


  • Battle of Reading (871)
  • Battle of Reading (1688)
  • Siege of Reading (1642–1643)
  • Reading and Leeds Festivals


  • Reading (HM Prison)

Railway stations[]

  • Reading railway station, a principal railway station serving Reading, Berkshire
  • Reading Southern railway station, a former railway station serving Reading, Berkshire
  • Reading West railway station, a local railway station serving Reading, Berkshire


  • Reading F.C., an English football team
  • Reading R.F.C., a rugby team
  • Reading Racers, a speedway team
  • Reading Town F.C., a Hellenic League football team in Greece


  • Reading (surname)
  • John of Reading (died 1346), theologian


  • Baron Astley of Reading, title in peerage of England (1644–1688)
  • Bishop of Reading, Anglican suffragan bishop in Diocese of Oxford since 1889
  • Marquess of Reading, title in peerage of the UK since 1926
    • Marchioness of Reading (disambiguation), wife of the Marquess


  • HMS Reading (G71), a Royal Navy destroyer ship
  • USS Reading (PF-66), a U.S. Navy frigate

Other uses[]

  • Reading Company, a railroad
  • Reading Phillies, a minor-league baseball team in the Pennsylvania city
  • Reading Power Station, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Reading Works, a factory

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